NBC’s Chuck Todd Eviscerates Ocasio-Cortez Over ‘Concentration Camp’ Comments

Some things are bigger than partisanship.

That’s the message from Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s ‘Meet The Press,’ who obliterated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her reprehensible comments about comparing illegal immigrant holding areas to Nazi-era concentration camps.

Todd is by no means a supporter of the President or his agenda, having once been named as one of The Political Insider’s top anti-Trump journalists. But some comments, even for him, are a bit too much.

“If you want to criticize the shameful treatment of people at our southern border, fine. You’ll have plenty of company,” Todd said on Wednesday night. “But be careful comparing them to Nazi concentration camps because they’re not at all comparable in the slightest.”

Ocasio-Cortez earlier this week made the startling claims during an Instagram video for her supporters.

“That is exactly what they are. They are concentration camps,” she stated, also making reference to the phrase “Never Again,” a term inextricably linked to the Holocaust.

Ocasio-Cortez has since stood unequivocally behind her comments, repeating the term “concentration camps” ad nauseam.

Todd Lays Down the Hammer

“You can call our government’s detention of migrants many things, depending on how you see it. It’s a stain on our nation, maybe. A necessary evil to others to deal with an untenable situation, perhaps. But do you know what you can’t call it?” Todd asked his viewers.

He then played a clip of the Representative from New York …

“Congresswoman, tens of thousands were also brutalized, tortured, and ultimately starved in concentration camps. Camps like Dachau,” Todd continued.

While he does believe Ocasio-Cortez “cares deeply about what’s happening at the border” he notes that she “did the people there a tremendous disservice by distracting from their plight.”

“She said she didn’t use those words lightly,” he concluded. “Well, neither did I.”

Todd Blasts Democrats

The NBC anchor also took umbrage with Democrats for their pathetic defense of Ocasio-Cortez.

Congressman Jerry Nadler, a prominent Jewish lawmaker, defended the comments, adding that failure to call out the Trump administration’s “inhumanity” is akin to failing to learn the lessons of “never again.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pretended she hadn’t heard the ‘concentration camp’ remarks and then blamed Republicans for exploiting every word that her colleagues utter.

“Why are we so sheepish calling out people we agree with politically these days?” Todd asked.

“Are we really so ensconced in our political bubbles, liberal versus conservative, that we cannot talk about right versus wrong anymore? Some things are bigger than partisanship, or at least they used to be.”

Supporters of the history-challenged socialist from New York claim she never specifically mentioned “death camps” or Nazi Germany. The context of her video and what she is saying, combined with an absolute infatuation with comparing everything to World War II, makes it clear that’s where she was going.

We don’t say this very often, but well done Chuck Todd. At least somebody in the media had the guts to call out what are clearly deplorable, offensive, and shameful comments.

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