NBC News Columnist Suggests ‘Heterosexuality Is Just Not Working’

NBC columnist Marcie Bianco penned what can only be described as a bizarre column in which she argues that men are evil and “heterosexuality is just not working.”

Bianco based her argument on current events involving the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and Miley Cyrus, the latter whose recent divorce from Liam Hemsworth led to photos surfacing of her getting extremely close with blogger Kaitlynn Carter.

“Over the past week, an assortment of trending stories … together have laid bare the strictures of an American patriarchy on the edge of a nervous breakdown,” writes Bianco. “As the status quo, heterosexuality is just not working.”

Which is odd, considering the left likes to fancy themselves the party of science and, you know … biology.

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Bianco isn’t content to denounce heterosexuality as simply not working, she goes on to explain why it is actually sexist and a tool for men to wield dominance over women.

“As a snapshot of 2019 America, these stories present a startling picture: Men continue to coerce, harass, rape and kill girls and women — and go to extreme lengths to avoid responsibility for their actions,” she claimed, painting all men with a broad brush as evil.


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“Framed differently, the picture is this,” Bianco continues. “Men need heterosexuality to maintain their societal dominance over women.”

“Women, on the other hand, are increasingly realizing not only that they don’t need heterosexuality, but that it also is often the bedrock of their global oppression.”

Holy cow, this one seems like she’d be a barrel of fun at parties.

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A column so devoid of facts and heavily weighted in the absurd belongs in an extremist rag like the Daily Kos or Salon, not on the NBC News website.

It also serves to remind Americans of fundamental problems plaguing this country’s education system. Bianco isn’t a wide-eyed teen publishing her first column. She also holds a PhD, as she describes it, as a Queer Public(s) Intellectual.

Bianco also, according to John Jay College of Criminal Justice archives, was an adjunct professor at one point.

Why is somebody like this, with pure hatred for half the population, allowed anywhere near impressionable college students, and allowed to spew that hatred in a mainstream forum like NBC?

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