Church Nativity Features Baby Jesus In a Cage to Support Illegal Immigrants

A Massachusetts church set up their Christmas nativity display this year by posing baby Jesus inside a small steel cage as a show of support for illegal immigrants.

In the scene, Jesus has been separated from his parents, Mary and Joseph, while the three wise men are blocked from accessing the location by fencing with a sign that reads ‘deportation.’

The Huffington Post reports that the display “is meant to represent the plight of migrant children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border because of White House policies.”

They must have meant the previous White House, as images of children in cages have either proven to have taken place under the Barack Obama presidency, or have been debunked as a hoax.

Steve Josoma, the priest at St. Susanna Parish, said he “wanted to put a mirror image of the world into the stable.”

The manger scene includes a sign above which asks, “Peace on Earth?”

A Display Born of Ignorance

Either Josoma is willfully ignorant of the facts, or he is simply incapable of accessing Google on the parish computer.

Nearly seven months ago, liberals did their very best to portray child separations at the border as being a result of policies implemented under President Trump. They even went so far as to show photos supposedly proving their argument.

It turned out, however, that the photos and the policies were generated under Obama.

When that didn’t work out, libs turned to a new tactic, actually staging images of children in cages.

Had Josoma simply taken a moment or two to read our reporting, he could have saved himself some embarrassment and spared the baby Jesus from such an ordeal that might have happened if Obama were reigning back in his time.

The Priest Likes Political Attention

Josoma for some reason has a history of making the birth of Christ into a ridiculous leftist political circus.

Last holiday season, the nativity scene included a list of mass shootings that have taken place in America since the Columbine massacre. Josoma claimed the goal then was to keep the conversation going about how to achieve peace.

Then, just as he did this year, the priest offered an unintelligent response to the social justice platform he decided to inject into the Christmas message.

“Some folks would say that a good guy with a gun could stop a bad guy with a gun,” he said. “Fort Hood is on our list. It doesn’t work that way.”

That’s the kind of messaging that will get you a career on CNN if you’re not careful. Even a cursory review of the attack at Fort Hood or other military installations such as the Washington Navy Yard show that military personnel were not allowed to carry their weapons. The good guys weren’t allowed to use their guns, father.

Where was Josoma Before?

It’s odd that none of these political nativity scenes took place before President Trump took office.

Josoma has been a pastor at St. Susanna since at least 2008, and surely could have taken a stand against immigration policies that put kids in cages during the years when Obama was actually doing it.

He certainly could have opposed the President tear-gassing illegals at the border when the man who did it nearly once per month, Obama, was in office.

Or he could keep the focus of Christmas on the birth of Christ where it belongs, not on his latest pet social justice project. The parishioners at St. Susanna should denounce Josoma for bringing negative attention to their church and sullying the sacred celebration of Christ’s birth.



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