We have known for a long time that the liberal media was in the tank for Hillary Clinton, with journalists coordinating with the campaign on stories and feeding Hillary questions before debates.

Well, we now know though the latest series of WikiLeaks email leaks that a top Clinton donor allegedly “killed National Enquirer stories” that were damaging to the campaign.

The man in question, hedge fund billionaire Marc Lasry, helped to kill damaging stories that could have been published by the tabloid in a 2011 memo:

The donor, hedge fund billionaire Marc Lasry, “has been helpful on a number of fronts,” according to the memo, which was written by longtime Clinton aide Doug Band in Nov. 2011, including “killing potential unfavorable stories in the Enquirer.”

Lasry’s hedge fund owned approximately $513 million in debt accrued by the Enquirer’s publisher American Media, Inc., and according to Politico, Band’s insisted Lasry’s hedge fund “owns a controlling share of the debt.”

While the hedge fund has pushed back on the contents within the emails, Lasry has a long history with the Clintons, and his ties to the Enquirer raise serious questions about what influence he had on destroying anti-Clinton stories:

Other favors done by Lasry for the Clintons, according to Band’s memo, include raising and donating huge sums of cash for the Clinton Foundation, lending his plane to the family and employing Chelsea Clinton at Avenue Capital.

Band for years worked closely with Bill Clinton on the former president’s business ventures and on the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative, and he also worked as a paid advisor to Avenue Capital.

In the memo, he takes credit for introducing the Clintons to Lasry and for helping Chelsea Clinton land a job at Lasry’s hedge fund as a chemical industry analyst.

We have also learned that Lasry had ties to the controversial Clinton Foundation, and had an “overlapping involvement” with both the foundation and the Clintons “personal finances” which “highlight the difficulty in disentangling the various phases of what Band derisively called ‘Bill Clinton, Inc.'”

H/T: Politico

Do you believe that Lasry was involved in shutting down stories that would harm Hillary Clinton? If true, does such collusion disturb you or are you not surprised? Share your thoughts with us below! 

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