MSNBC’s Joy Reid Trashes Republicans for Choosing Trump over Lincoln–But Dems Did the Same with Obama

MSNBC’s Joy Reid invited Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts on her program Saturday to discuss a new poll in which Republicans rated Donald Trump as a “better” president than  Abraham Lincoln.

In the survey, the Republicans who participated said they preferred Trump to Lincoln 53 percent to 47 percent.

“Republicans are asked: Who is a better President: Donald Trump or Abraham Lincoln?” Reid stated, citing the survey, which was conducted last month by Economist/YouGov.

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‘This is a cult’

“They’re the only group. Only Republicans said Trump was a better president than Lincoln,” Reid continued. “What do make of that?”

Pitts responded, “Is there a brick wall I can bang my head against a few times?”

Reid shot back, “I can get you one.”

Pitts continued, “I think I need a brick wall before I can answer that. I hadn’t seen, I hadn’t heard of that poll, but it sort of speaks further to the delusionary aspect of the Republican Party right now.”

“This is not a party,” Pitts continued. “This is a cult, and it has been a cult for a long time. And it wasn’t just this Abraham Lincoln quote. I mean, what was it a week or so ago – maybe not even that – that Rick Perry said that Trump was a chosen one, and he wasn’t even the first person to say that … it’s amazing.”

Reid said that “white evangelicals” in Trump’s base “almost worship” the president. Pitts added that there is “a very cult-like aspect” regarding the President and his supporters.

Reid said she “felt this same kind of vibe during George W. Bush’s presidency.”

But there’s one problem with Reid and Pitts’ incessant Trump and Republicans bashing: Democrats did the same thing with Barack Obama.

If this poll speaks to the “delusionary aspect of the Republican Party,” as Pitts claims, what would he say about an Economist/YouGov poll almost two years ago in which Democrats ranked Obama higher than Lincoln? And they did this two-to-one?

Dems Did the Same Thing with Obama

In February 2018, Economist/YouGov asked Democrat voters: “Who was the best President in U.S. history?”

33 percent chose Obama, while only 15 percent said Lincoln was the best president. In third place was Franklin Delano Roosevelt at 14 percent, John F. Kennedy took fourth with 10% percent, and rounding out the top five was Bill Clinton with 7 percent. George Washington garnered sixth place with 6 percent, followed by “other” with 5 percent.

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Among black Democratic voters, Obama ranked even higher, getting 47 percent support compared to Lincoln’s 10 percent.

Will Joy Reid and Leonard Pitts apply the same criticism–and disparagement–to Democratic voters for so heavily favoring Barack Obama over Abraham Lincoln? Don’t bet on it.

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