MSNBC host Chris Hayes pushed a new conspiracy theory that Republicans, should they win control of Congress after the midterms, would deliberately tank the economy to get Biden out of the White House in 2024.

It is obviously fake news and a completely contrived notion – in other words, what we can come to expect from the left. 

Hayes posted on social media that the idea of Republicans tanking the economy purposefully is “blindingly obvious” and “worth stating over and over.”

“A GOP House majority would have every incentive to do whatever possible to make the US economy worse in the run-up to 2024,” he tweeted.

Hayes followed up with an assertion that Democrats were willing to issue stimulus checks during the pandemic that aided former President Donald Trump politically.

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Chris Hayes: Republicans Will Tank the Economy

Chris Hayes’ latest conspiracy, needless to say, is full of holes. There are numerous reasons why the theory makes little to no sense.

We’ll try to sort it out:

  • There was bipartisan support for stimulus checks, but Trump had requested much more significant amounts directly to the American people.
  • Those stimulus checks have directly contributed to the ongoing inflation crisis. Using Hayes’ thinking, one could argue that by supporting them, Democrats were trying to tank the economy deliberately.
  • There is no better way to purposefully tank the economy than leaving President Biden in office.
  • Actually, a GOP house majority would have every incentive to do whatever possible to make the US economy better in the run-up to 2024, proving that their fiscal policies actually work and make things better for the American people.
  • Democrats (and some Republicans) literally spent the bulk of the pandemic shutting down businesses and implementing draconian and ultimately worthless restrictions that killed the economy. Blue state and city Democrats began lifting restrictions almost immediately after Biden’s inauguration.

In other words, we all saw what the left did, Chris. Everything about your little theory involving Republicans tanking the economy was first executed by Democrats trying to get Trump out of office.

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President Biden Also Pushes Conspiracy Theory About Republicans Tanking the Economy

Hayes isn’t alone, though. 

The President of the United States pushed the same narrative.

“If you’re worried about the economy, you need to know this Republican leadership in Congress has made it clear they will crash the economy next year by threatening the full faith and credit of the United States,” he claimed without evidence.

He went on to claim everything Republicans are proposing policywise would make inflation worse.

Inflation is at a forty-year high in part due to Biden and the Democrats’ reckless spending.

Imagine coming into the White House with an economy on the verge of recovering from a historical pandemic, taking that and utterly destroying the finances of the American people and claiming ‘Yea, but the other side is going to be worse on purpose.’

Further cementing the fact that ‘Republicans are going to crash the economy on purpose’ is a talking point Democrats and the media have all agreed on, The Atlantic argued that if “Republicans win, a lot more members will be ready to push us over the cliff.”

As is often the case, Hayes, President Biden, and the rest of the legacy media are projecting. Everything they accuse Republicans of doing has actually already been done by Democrats.

They’re banking on you not remembering what they did during the pandemic.

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