MSNBC Host Claims We Are In A Civil War, Thanks To ‘MAGA Mob’ – Becoming A Common Theme On Left-Wing Network

MSNBC Host Cross Says Of MAGA Response To Mar-A-Lago Raid: 'Civil War Is Already Here'
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If you listen to the mainstream media close enough, they tell you what it is they really want.

Using that theory, what they really want in America seems to be civil war. Whether it is their reckless disregard for the country, or that war of any kind gets ratings, or a combination, I’m not sure.

But on Saturday, MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross did her best to convince her viewers that “civil war” is already “here.” It’s been a common theme on MSNBC. 

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Trump Supporters Distrustful Of Government

Leading off a segment with her fervent hope that the national security state charges her political opponent with the Espionage Act, Cross said, “There’s a very real possibility that a former President of the United States could actually be indicted for violating the Espionage Act or other federal statutes and the MAGA mob is losing its ever-loving collective mind.” 

It was here that Tiffany Cross thought her case for civil war was the best (unironically while shrugging off concerns about the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents called for in the Inflation Reduction Act.) There was also the obligatory mention of Jan. 6 to help seal the deal.

“In the last two weeks threats against the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have surged and even some GOP senators are getting in on the act, depicting number crunchers at the IRS as thought they’ll be bursting through doors like the Kool-Aid man for tax infractions. The spike of violent rhetoric on MAGA message boards is reminiscent of what occurred before the deadly January 6 insurrection. We all remember that.”

Then, the money quote: “It’s not like the civil war is coming, it feels like the civil war is here.” Pretty edgy.

Cross also made sure to get in all those really clever names she had thought up for Trump, too. She rambled on about how “Velveeta Voldemort” was fomenting a growing threat of “authoritarianism” 

Cross must have sensed that now was the time to display that sharp wit of hers. She continued, dropping lyrics from a Jay-Z song, “Well 45 have 99 problems and the truth is definitely one. Mango Mussolini claims that he had a ‘standing order to declassify documents that were removed from the Oval Office and taken to the residence.'”

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Wish For Civil War Not New For The Left

Tiffany Cross is not the first MSNBC intellectual giant to advocate for civil war. Back in July, her colleague Malcolm Nance declared Republicans an “insurgency,” and compared them to terrorist organizations.

He told his left-wing audience that they may have to physically go to war with their MAGA neighbors.

After claiming that 30% of the U.S. population falls under the category of “white extremism,” he then explained why the left might have to go to war with their neighbors:

“So, we are well on our way to a multiyear campaign that we are already two years into this campaign where we may have to fight them, the ‘they’ in my title, and the ‘they’ in my title is those who want to kill Americans are your neighbors.”

Sadly, this insanity is not confined to left wing cable news shows. Last week, former NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden, a man who has served in the U.S. military since 1967, agreed with Financial Times columnist Edward Luce that Republicans are the most dangerous group he has ever seen. 

Keep in mind: This man saw the Soviet Union, Khmer Rouge, Al Qaeda, ISIS, North Korea, China, etc. And “Republicans” are the most dangerous group among them all.

While calling for civil war via the back door by people who are afraid of firearms is amusing, make no mistake, Democrat and liberals are in a panic.

Over the midterm elections, and the fact that Republicans, at least some of them, are fighting back and taking a stand against left-wing insanity. Their only hope is to make anyone who disagrees with them the enemy.

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