Video Shows Monster Truck ‘Rescuing’ a National Guard Vehicle Stuck In Flood Waters

Eat your heart out, Politico.

As you’re well aware at this point, political cartoonist Matt Wuerker created this offensive depiction of the Texas victims of Hurricane Harvey:

While people in Texas are drowning and others watch their lives and property being destroyed, Politico decided it was a good time to mock them for being redneck, Tea Party, secessionist rubes who dare to put their faith in God, and NOT in government.

Via RedState:

Since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and environs we’ve become familiar with the armada of privately owned small watercraft–from jet skis through pleasure boats–that have self-mobilized to rescue stranded Houstonians.

Less well known are the exploits of another rescue vehicle ideally suited to flooded areas: the monster truck.

With that in mind, we present to you a recently surfaced video of what the author describes as the “Redneck Army” coming to the rescue of a government vehicle.

In other words, we got your government assistance right here …

This is by no means a slight against the National Guard, Coast Guard, FEMA, or other government workers doing amazing work right now in Texas.

Rather, it’s a reminder to the elitist media that it is actually possible to believe in a limited government, not an eliminated government, and still appreciate the help groups like the Coast Guard and National Guard provide.

It’s a reminder that sometimes people can also help themselves with a little guidance from the Man upstairs.

Everybody working together to help those in need. Government helping the people. People helping the government.

People helping people.

The way it should be.

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