Missouri College Requires Patriotism Class For Freshmen

Should patriotism in college be mandatory?

A private Evangelical Christian college in Missouri has answered that question – Yes!

The College of the Ozarks, a liberal arts college in Point Lookout, has introduced a military science class seeking to educate students on such things as modern military customs, U.S. politics, and flag protocol.

The class is titled ‘Patriotic Education and Fitness,’ and will be a mandatory course for incoming freshmen.


The class will also include topics on rifle marksmanship, map reading, land navigation and rope knotting.

Terrence Dake, a board member for the college and retired general, believes that teaching patriotism is a good way to promote leadership qualities in individuals.

“I really think that if you give a person the tools of an education, the patriotic yearnings inside of themselves and the leadership tools that can be taught — they will be leaders,” he said.

Some will no doubt lose their minds over ‘forced’ patriotism. Should they?


“Understanding the military now is more important than ever because we have 99 percent of the population being defended by 1 percent, who are in uniform,” said College President Jerry Davis. “We should be more intentional about patriotic education, and from our point of view that needs to occur from kindergarten all the way through college.”

Liberals however, were not down with the new patriotism class.


Davis took a veiled swipe at the recent national anthem protests in announcing the course.

“We want to make it clear that we are not going to participate in a game where we think disrespect for the national anthem or the flag is being displayed,” he said adding, “I don’t think it’s a partisan issue. It’s an American issue, how we feel about our country.”

What do you think about a mandatory patriotism class? Share your thoughts below!

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