Former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was a strong supporter of Donald Trump and it seems like his loyalty will pay off in a major way.

According to reports, Huckabee is being considered for two possible high-level cabinet positions in the Trump White House, either Secretary of State or Secretary of Commerce.

Hogan Gidley, who worked on Huckabee’s 2016 presidential campaign, and is a close friend of the Arkansas governor, revealed the possible role in the Trump administration:

From Breitbart:

“From everything I hear and this is kind of some breaking news, and I don’t want to overstep what I heard, but I know he’s being considered for some posts, and that’s exciting,” Gidley told Alex Swoyer and Julia Hahn on Breitbart News Sunday. “I hope that Donald Trump recognizes and rewards Mike Huckabee for being so adamantly supportive of him in the primary process and defending him basically at every turn.”

“Mike Huckabee has extreme skills,” Gidley added, noting that Huckabee was able to work with Democrats when he took office as governor of Arkansas and also has experience with trade deals that impacted his state.

Breitbart News asked Gidley which positions Huckabee is being considered for in Trump’s administration.

“I have heard commerce may be one of them,” Gidley responded. “Potentially, secretary of state as well.”

Remember, he’s been to every Middle Eastern country. He was friends with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even before he held elected office. He’s been going back and forth to Israel since he was 17-years-old multiple times per year, so he definitely has some knowledge of the world stage.

“I think he definitely has the skill set that would help Donald Trump,” Gidley added.

Not only has Huckabee been a loyal supporter of Donald Trump, but his vast experience as governor of Arkansas would prove extremely valuable in the White House. While New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani is also considered to be on the short list for Secretary of State, Huckabee could be a major resource in any agency!

What are your thoughts on Huckabee serving in a Trump administration? Which cabinet position would be best? Share your thoughts below!