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Michelle Obama Vacations in Tuscany, Wears Revealing Top

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been on vacation with former President Barack Obama in Italy. Just because the taxpayer-funded trips around the world are over, doesn’t mean she stopped traveling in style.

People can’t stop talking about the $400 “flirty shoulder-bearing top” she wore, along with kahki-colored high-waisted pants at age 55.

As People magazine breathlessly reports:

During her eight-year tenure as America’s First Lady, it seemed when it came to fashion that Michelle Obama could do no wrong. The FLOTUS with the mostess always struck the perfect note with her ensembles, whether she was channeling a ray of sunshine at the State of the Union, mingling with the locals in Morocco with her daughters, or showing everyone how opulent glamour is done in a glittering custom rose gold Versace gown. And if you thought her looks fresh from the White House were stunning, just wait until you see the effortlessly trendy off-duty outfits she’s composed for her latest Italian vacation.[…]

But while the former POTUS’s dad style is great and all, it pales in comparison to Michelle’s parade of easy, breezy, summer-ready fashions. The presidential couple are currently in Tuscany, Italy, stepping out on Monday to take in the city’s sights, visiting the Duomo di Siena where they were greeted by crowds of cheering fans.

The Obamas arrived in Italy Friday on a private plane escorted by six fighter jets and a 13-car motorcade, had a police car waiting for them in the streets of Siena today, and a siren could be heard as they made their way outside. Just who is paying for all of this luxury travel and security? Secret Service has to follow the Obamas everywhere they go.

In fact, Barack Obama was spotted racing Secret Service agents to the top of an Italian hill.

There accommodations are far out of the price-range of most Americans, and they are leaving a large carbon footprint:

Adding to their carbon footprint, the couple was then whisked away in an armored Chevrolet as part of a 13-car motorcade, transporting them to their incredible Tuscan villa Borgo Finocchieto, as many Italians lined the streets to wave them as they passed.

Michelle and Barack will have Borgo Finocchieto to themselves during their five-night stay—at an eye-watering cost of $15,000 per night.

Not that the couple are likely to have paid, as the villa is owned by the ex-president’s former ambassador to Italy, John Philips.

The family will be ensured privacy at their villa, which is a kilometer away from prying eyes on the road. Italian authorities have even imposed a ban on wild boar hunting, just in case the former president is accidentally shot. They are expected to fly out on May 24.

The Obamas, who have been on multiple vacations since leaving the White House in January, will reportedly visit Florence and Siena during their vacation.

Here are some photos:

Michelle Obama outfit

Michelle Obama outfit

Michelle Obama outfit

Michelle Obama outfit

Is this appropriate attire for a former First Lady of the United States? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.