Mexico’s President López Obrador Actually Said Mexico is ‘SAFER’ Than The United States

Andrés Manuel López Obrador Andrés Manuel López Obrador

On Monday, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador actually said out loud during a press conference that Mexico is safer than the United States.

Don’t spit out your drink.

This response was in reference to the brutal cartel killings of two Americans and additional kidnapping of two others. President López Obrador continued by claiming that U.S. travel warnings and reports of violence in Mexico are exaggerated, and to take things a step further, actually a conspiracy by conservative politicians and the media just so they can make him look bad.

Ironically, while he was attempting to paint a picture that everything is awesome, the FBI just confirmed that three American women from Texas who were visiting Mexico have actually been missing since February.

Who needs bad news when you’re trying to run a country, right?

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It’s Pretty Darn Dangerous

“Mexico is safer than the United States,” he assured the press. “There is not problem in traveling safely in Mexico.”

He’s probably going to want to backtrack that statement a bit. According to the Global Conflict Tracker put together by the Center for Preventative Action which was updated in January of this year:

“By 2016, drug-related homicides had increased by 22 percent, with more than twenty thousand killed, and in 2017 a mass grave containing the remains of more than 250 victims of crime-related violence was uncovered in Veracruz State. Since 2006, crime-related violence has resulted in an estimated 150,000 deaths.”

AP News pointed out that “Mexico’s nationwide homicide rate is about 28 per 100,000 inhabitants. By comparison, the U.S. homicide rate is barely one-quarter as high, at around 7 per 100,000.”

As of this writing, the U.S. State Department has placed “do not travel” advisories on six Mexican states which have been the forefront of intense violence by the drug cartels.

Still, López Obrador doesn’t think a pesky thing like perhaps getting kidnapped or beheaded should get in the way of you and your vacation.

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Everyone Else’s Fault

López Obrador doubled down, saying “This is a campaign against Mexico by these conservative politicians in the United States who do not want the transformation of our country to continue.”

“These conservative politicians… dominate the majority of the news media in the United States,” he added. “This violence is not a reality. It is pure, vile manipulation.”

Meanwhile in the real world, authorities in the state of Guanajuato have recently reported that ten individuals were shot to death, leaving many others injured during a shooting at a nightclub this past weekend. What is Guanajuato best known for? You guessed it, extreme cartel activity.

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