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Melania Trump Sticks It To Feminists With Photo Of White House Interns

First Lady Melania Trump always posts great photos on social media, and while her latest photo isn’t of the best quality, it showcases something that has liberal feminists fuming.

On Monday, Melania shared a photo on Facebook of herself posing with the White House East Wing interns:

Thank you to all of our East wing interns for their dedication! The future is bright with these hard workers!

Posted by First Lady Melania Trump on Monday, July 31, 2017

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Do you notice something interesting about this photo? Surely feminists noticed: There are three female interns and just one male intern. But wait – isn’t the GOP supposed to be the party of sexism and misogyny? Hmm.

Of course, because Melania left them no room to cry “sexism,” liberals on Twitter resorted to the next best thing: racism.

One person even managed to turn a positive statement about femininity into racism:

Leave it to liberals to see negativity in everything.

Many other social media users, however, responded positively to the photo – and stuck up for the First Lady and interns both:

“These look like very nice and bright young sophisticated and responsible young people and I don’t think they will be a disappointment to the staff at the WH or First Lady Melania Trump. If anything they will try and be that much more elegant and show class in all their tasks moving forward. Don’t trash anyone until first have given them Respect in their new role, but give them the opportunity to show us what they can accomploish [sic]. What a hateful society we’ve become of late,” one woman said [on Facebook].

Kudos to Melania, and thank you to the White House interns!

Do you think it’s actually the Democratic Party that promotes sexism and racism? Share your comments below!