Megyn Kelly Grills State Department Spokeswoman: Was Bergdahl Trade Worth It?

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In a lopsided intellectual dual, Fox News host Megyn Kelly took on State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki and asked her if the illegal Bowe Bergdahl swap – five high-ranking Taliban commanders for one low-level deserter – was worth it.

Shockingly, even after Kelly explained that at least three of those terrorists had re-joined the fight against America, Psaki stated without reservation that it was “absolutely” worth it.

Think about that for a moment – The State Department believes it was worth it to negotiate with terrorists, bring back a man who deserted his brothers-in-arms resulting in the deaths of at least six who would come looking for him, and release Taliban leaders who have and will cause more American deaths.

The administration made a trade that was wholly anti-American in value and quality, and they are “absolutely” okay with it.

Kelly went on to explain that there were other ways to get Bergdahl home without releasing Taliban commanders.

Via Fox News Insider:

Psaki said that there are always a range of tough decisions that President Barack Obama has to make.

“It doesn’t reach his desk unless it was a tough decision,” she said. “That was certainly the case here.”

“It was a tough decision, but was it the right decision?” Kelly pressed. She noted that the U.S. may have been able to bring Bergdahl home in other ways, and remarked that he betrayed his country, according to the Army.

She also asked if the Obama administration knew that Bergdahl could potentially have been a deserter. Psaki responded that, “We are familiar with his background and circumstances.”

Kelly then questioned Psaki about the Susan Rice comments regarding Bergdahl’s service.

“Do you think that he served with honor and distinction?” she asked.

Psaki responded, “We look at Sgt. Bergdahl as somebody who served his country, as many men and women have.”

Watch this portion of the Psaki interview below…


Not many men and women deserted their fellow Americans on the battlefield, Ms. Psaki. This man, this trade, and this administration’s refusal to admit they made a mistake, are all incredibly disgraceful.

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