Media Usage of Social Justice/Woke Terminology Increased 700% Since 2014

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If you can control the information flow, you can control an entire society. Gone are the days of trusting your reporters and news outlets to provide unbiased and factual pieces to keep you informed on the state of your country.

Perhaps I’ve watched too many “X-Files” episodes, but I now embrace the same principle of Fox Mulder: trust no one. To get to the bottom of any story as a citizen, you’d have to read reports of the same incident on at least 30 different outlets to get a sliver of truth.

The hard reality is that traditional media outlets have been not just complicit, but happy little manipulation warriors bent on ensuring your mind and views fall in line with their chosen narrative.

Over the last decade, their narrative of choice: You’re a racist. 

By The Numbers

According to Lexus Nexus, there has been a marked increase in specific phrases and words since 2014. As an example, below is a taste of some of these terms:

  • white privilege
  • system racism
  • diversity and inclusion
  • unconscious bias
  • whiteness
  • intersectionality
  • diversity training
  • police brutality

How sharp is this increase? For example, between 2011 and 2019, the New York Times and Washington Post increased using words like ‘racist,’ ‘racists,’ and ‘racism’ increased by over 700% and 1,000%, respectively. 

Furthermore, between 2013 and 2019, the same two publications increased their usage of terms like ‘systemic racism,’ ‘structural racism,’ and ‘institutional racism’ by 1,000%. And during that same timeframe, the two liberal heavyweights of print used ‘white privilege’ and ‘racial privilege’ at an increased rate of 1,200% and 1,500%, respectively.

You may think this trend doesn’t affect much, given that not everyone reads the New York Times and Washington Post. However, a look at slightly different numbers indicates the opposite.

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The Opposite Direction

According to a recent Gallup Poll, Americans think our country’s race relations have worsened considerably. In 2013, 72% of white and 66% of black people believed race relations were somewhat good.

Compare that to 2021, when only 43% of white people and 33% of black people believed race relations were somewhat good. So how is it that five years deep into our first black president’s eight-year stint in the White House, race relations started to plummet in the minds of the American people?

Had race relations decreased, or were we all just made to believe they had, thanks to the media narratives? Who would benefit from pushing such a narrative?

The Black Lives Matter movement, which not so coincidentally was born around that fateful year thanks to the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, for starters. Violent protests erupted when a police officer shot and killed Mr. Brown.

Media reported allegations that Mr. Brown had his hands raised, which birthed the lie “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” as investigators proved that was false. But the facts and truth didn’t matter to the media.

Just as it didn’t for Kyle Rittenhouse, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Nick Sandmann, the Hunter Biden laptop story, and the latest effort of mainstream media to flip the narrative through the lens of racism – Jordan Neely.

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Victimizing Violence Based On Race

Last week a homeless black man named Jordan Neely died on the New York City subway after a Marine Corps veteran named Daniel Penny subdued Mr. Neely using a chokehold maneuver.

Mr. Neely, at the time, had been yelling about being hungry with the following:

“I don’t care if I die. I don’t care if I go to jail. I don’t have any food…I’m done.”

He followed up, hollering that he was ready to go to jail and get a life sentence after throwing his coat on the ground. At that point, Mr. Penny acted in what appeared to be an effort to calm and keep Mr. Neely from hurting anyone on the train with the help of two other passengers.

This incident has garnered and continues to receive so much media attention and public outrage because Mr. Neely is black and Mr. Penny is white.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul said of the event:

“I do want to acknowledge how horrific it was to view a video of Jordan Neely being killed for being a passenger on our subway trains.”

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As if Mr. Penny was roving the subway just looking for a random black man on the subway system to murder. The mainstream media has been all too eager to jump on this tragic story, regaling readers and viewers about this man known for his Michael Jackson impersonations and mental health issues.

Hashtags have gained traction, such as #Ridingwhileblack, again neglecting what occurred in that train car that day. You also won’t hear much about Mr. Neely’s over 40 prior arrests and open warrant for violently assaulting a 67-year-old woman in 2021. 

Because none of that fits the narrative ‘they’ want you to consume.

Slipping Through Their Fingers?

The left wing of this country controls much of what goes into our minds and hearts. From mainstream media, Hollywood, and academia, they’ve mostly had the run of the land regarding narrative crafting.

But could their attempt to tighten their chokehold on our views be causing some unforeseen cracks where the truth may still rule the day? According to Elon Musk, that could be possible.

Recently Mr. Musk claimed that Twitter is now a “serious danger” to traditional media. Before Elon liberated the great blue bird, right-leaning voices and independent journalists were often censored, if not entirely banned, from the platform. 

Now, more independent journalists are given equal rights to the platform and elevation – allowing for much more diversity of thought and debate. The one kind of diversity that the left despises.

Is there hope for the brainwashed and for the truth seekers, or are we forever subservient to the whims of the left via their media puppet strings? Only time will tell.

I can tell you, dear reader, that I’d triple-check anything you read or hear and, of course – Trust No One.

Now is the time to support and share the sources you trust.
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