Rep. Maxine Waters Suggests President Trump Should Be Exiled

Just when you thought Maxine Waters couldn’t come any more unhinged, she kicks up the impeachment rhetoric against President Trump a notch.

Well, several notches actually.

As in, impeachment isn’t enough of a punishment for Trump.

Waters is so distraught over the President’s taunting tweets against Mika Brzezinsky that she feels he needs to be … well, you can see it here for yourself:


Yes, Ms. Waters, you should most definitely explore the concept of exile- as in, look it up, research it, find out what it means exactly, and understand that this isn’t how things work. You may also want to explore whether or not you’ve lost all of your marbles while you’re at it.

Naturally, Waters’ followers thought it was a grand idea, even suggesting that she didn’t go far enough:

And of course, the requisite tweet about the President’s death:

But yea, liberals aren’t engaged in violent or unhinged rhetoric or anything.

People aren’t exiled and Presidents aren’t impeached because they tweet mean messages to other adults.

The very definition of being exiled means “the state of being barred from one’s native country.” It’s kind of like being deported in a roundabout way, something we know Auntie Maxine is adamantly against.

Waters wasn’t the only one so distraught over Trump’s tweets that he simply has to go.

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee thinks mean words are grounds for President Trump’s resignation.

These people are genuinely bat guano crazy.

To review – Liberals … come a little closer and listen very, very carefully.


Mean words aren’t grounds for resignation. They’re not grounds for impeachment. Nor are they grounds for exile and/or execution.

So go curl up in your little safe space and … Get over it.

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