On Saturday, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters said that that she believed America more racist than it should be at this point in our history.

Waters made her comments during an interview on KTLA’s “Inside California Politics,” video of which was shared by Breitbart News.

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Waters On Racism

When Waters was asked what she thought of Senator Tim Scott’s speech earlier in the week, in which the black Republican gave the GOP rebuttal to President Joe Biden, saying “America is not a racist country,” Waters said, “Well, you know I don’t know if he was counseled to say that or whether he really believes that.”

“If you really believe that, then he has missed not only the history of the country but what is going right now,” Waters added.

She continued, “As we watched the invasion of the Capitol on January 6, those people following Trump say they were taking back their government, and they were willing to harm people.”

Waters said racial animosity was a factor behind the unrest.

“As a matter of not only were they willing to harm people but Capitol Police, who happened to be people of color African-American, they were calling them names of the N-word,” she said.

Waters continued, “Every day we have seen this nation get more racist than anybody thought perhaps would be at this point in time.”

Waters Accuses Trump Of ‘Making Racist Comments’

Waters then set her sights on former President Donald Trump.

She added, “We’ve been through the civil rights movement where of course, we made some progress, but this president that we had Trump was taking us backward.”

“He was making racist comments,” she insisted.

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“You know, identify himself with people like the Ku Klux Klan and the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers and QAnon,” Waters said.

“I mean, that is racism defined in the most obvious way, and so to say that this is not a racist country, maybe he meant to say that there are many people who are not racist in this country,” she added.

“But yes, we have a problem with racism,” Waters added.


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