Hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots have been reported as undeliverable, lost, or to have caused confusion with voters, ahead of November’s crucial election.

17% Of Mail-In Ballots Lost In Nevada

While it looks like much of the country will be voting this November with mail-in ballots instead of at the voting booth, there have been multiple serious problems with the method cropping up all across the country, showing the risk that it poses to giving us an innacurate report of how the country actually voted.

Nevada held their party primary elections on June 9th this year, sending out a total nuber of 1,325,934 mail-in ballots to voters across the state. However, 223,469 of those ballots were never received by voters, and reported as “undeliverable” – that’s a staggering 17% of the total.

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21% Not Counted In New York

“These numbers show how vote by mail fails,” PILF President J. Christian Adams said in a statement. “New proponents of mail balloting don’t often understand how it actually works.”

“States like Oregon and Washington spent many years building their mail voting systems and are notably aggressive with voter list maintenance efforts,” he continued, adding that “pride in their own systems does not somehow transfer across state lines. Nevada, New York, and others are not and will not be ready for November.”

New York received 403,103 mail-in ballots from Democrats who wished to vote in their primary election on June 23rd. Unlike Nevada, most of their ballots actually got to their voters. However, when it came to counting the results, only 318,995 of them were counted. This means that 84,108 were not, which comes to TWENTY ONE PERCENT!

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Fraud, Miscounting, And Other Disasters – This Is Too Much Of A Risk!

And this isn’t even counting the potential fraud. Fairfax County in Virginia warned about possible fake mail-in ballot request forms that many residents were receiving in the post, as evidenced in the tweet below.

“This mailing is causing great confusion and concern among voters who have been contacting our office,” said Fairfax County General Registrar Gary Scott. “While the mailing may appear to be from an official government agency, the Fairfax County Office of Elections did not send it.”

All of these stories were only revealed in the last couple of days. Imagine the amount of problems we’re going to see if we are forced to use all mail-in voting on a mass scale in November…