Mark Levin Accuses Nikki Haley of ‘Selling Out to a Woke Corporation’ After She Courts Disney

Fox News host Mark Levin accused Nikki Haley of "selling out" to the culture wars after she tried to coax Disney to move to South Carolina in the midst of its battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
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Fox News host Mark Levin accused Nikki Haley of “selling out” to the culture wars after she tried to coax Disney to move to South Carolina in the midst of its battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has been butting heads with Disney due to their “woke” politicking and response to the state’s Parental Rights in Education law.

Disney filed a lawsuit against the governor on Wednesday alleging “government retaliation” after Florida’s Republican legislature indicated they would act to stop the company’s effort to circumvent state oversight.

Haley, in an incredible misread of the Republican voter base, apparently sided with Disney in the skirmish, even courting their business for South Carolina, despite their woke ideology.

“South Carolina was a very anti-woke state. It still is,” Haley said in a Fox News interview.

“If Disney would like to move their hundreds of thousands of jobs to South Carolina and bring the billions of dollars with them, I’ll let them know I’ll be happy to meet them in South Carolina and introduce them to the governor and legislature that would welcome it.”

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Critics Blast Nikki Haley Over Disney Comments – Including Mark Levin

Critics lambasted Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley over her Disney comments, chief among them being the Great One, Mark Levin.

In fact, he was so disgusted, he implied Haley was a sellout and that she had “lost” him.

“Nikki Haley just undermined the people of Florida and their governor by selling out to a woke corporation and the culture war,” Levin tweeted. “She’s lost me.”

Haley’s comments are incredibly odd. She’s currently running for President of the United States. Despite the fact that she was formerly the governor of South Carolina, she is no longer in that role.

So why is she taking sides in a state-level issue?

Factor in the reality that Disney in Orlando is essentially a city unto itself – How do you relocate an entire city? It’s not going to happen.

So why alienate Republican voters by siding with a woke corporation over something that isn’t going to happen?

Seems like Haley isn’t ready for prime time.

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DeSantis Super PAC Fires Back

It took no time at all for the super PAC supporting DeSantis for president in 2024 to respond to Nikki Haley’s comments in support of Disney.

The group taunted her as ‘Mickey Haley’ and posted video featuring Disney “officials” touting the company’s use of “LGBTQIA characters.”

Political commentator John Hawkins chided Nikki Haley as the “female Jeb (Bush)” and suggested he’s “not sure ‘We’d love to have you groom kids in our state’ is a winning message in a Republican primary.”

The latest Fox News poll shows Haley in fourth place with just 4% support in the race for the GOP nomination.

[totalpoll id=”267949″]

She currently trails former President Donald Trump (53%), DeSantis (21%), and former Vice President Mike Pence (6%).

And that’s with Haley being an official candidate while DeSantis and Pence, while speculated to be running, have not launched an actual campaign to date.

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