Marjorie Taylor Greene Humiliated Eric Swalwell So Badly Democrats Had to Request Her Comments Be Stricken From the Record

Marjorie Taylor Greene humiliated Representative Eric Swalwell, referencing an alleged affair with a Chinese spy during a Homeland Security Committee hearing.
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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene humiliated Representative Eric Swalwell, referencing his alleged affair with a Chinese spy during Wednesday’s Homeland Security Committee hearing.

It was so bad Swalwell’s Democrat colleagues immediately stepped in to request her comments be stricken from the record.

Greene took to the microphone following Swalwell’s questioning of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, in which he referenced the Georgia Republican selling merchandise calling to “Defund the FBI”.

“That was quite entertaining from someone that had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy, and everyone knows it,” Greene said. “But thanks for entertaining …”

Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) immediately interjected to rescue Swalwell from the humiliating dress-down, calling Greene’s comments “completely inappropriate” and moving to have them stricken from the record.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Obliterates Eric Swalwell

Marjorie Taylor Greene posted a video of the exchange to her Twitter feed. She pointed out that Eric Swalwell (D-CA) had been removed from the House Intelligence Committee due to his alleged relationship with a Chinese spy.

“We all know it’s true, Eric Swalwell had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy,” she wrote. “And I’ll never retract that.”

Greene was asked to retract the comments following Goldman’s motion, to which she replied, “No, I will not.”

Representative Mark Green (R-TN), the committee’s chairman, ruled that the comments would not be stricken.

A bombshell report in 2020 indicated that a woman by the name of Christine Fang (aka Fang Fang) “took part in fundraising activity for Rep. Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign” and interacted with the Congressman “at multiple events over the course of several years.”

Fang had allegedly served as a Chinese Intelligence operative with China’s Ministry of State Security. She managed to get an intern placed in Swalwell’s Washington office.

There has been speculation that the relationship was sexual, something Swalwell has not specifically denied.

Swalwell was kicked off the Intel Committee by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who noted “integrity matters.”

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Previously Called Swalwell a Dumba**

Goldman attempted to use the motion to shut down Greene altogether, requesting she be prevented from speaking any further following her remarks about Eric Swalwell.

Green responded that such a request was “inappropriate” and the motion to have the comments stricken failed on a party-line vote.

Greene then laid into Mayorkas calling him a “liar” when addressing efforts to slow the flow of fentanyl across the southern border.

“You’re a liar. You are letting this go on and the numbers prove it,” she accused.

Democrats moved to have her comments stricken again and this time the chairman determined she was in violation of committee rules.

“It’s pretty clear that the rules state you can’t impugn someone’s character,” Green said. “Identifying or calling someone a liar is unacceptable in this committee and I make the ruling that we strike those words.”

Based on that action, she was no longer recognized to speak.

Marjorie Taylor Greene frequently tangles with Eric Swalwell on social media.

After the California Democrat posted an image from the Justice Department showing documents purportedly taken from the home of former President Donald Trump several months ago, Greene blasted him as a ‘dumbass.’

Green’s closing remarks at the Wednesday hearing seemed to be directed at Greene.

“We don’t have to despise someone because they disagree with us. We don’t have to disparage someone because they disagree with us,” he said.

“And we do need to dial the rhetoric down in the country and apparently in the committee.”

Please. Democrats spend committee hearings falsely accusing Republicans of being insurrectionists, a threat to democracy, and MAGA extremists.

If anything, MTG needs to amp up the rhetoric, and her GOP colleagues should follow suit. When they go low, get in the mud with them.

Anything less allows them to dictate the narrative and continually impugn the integrity of Republican voters. Rolling over doesn’t work anymore.

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