Marco Rubio Defends Silencing of Senator Elizabeth Warren Perfectly (VIDEO)

Democrats are furious after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) silenced Senator Elizabeth Warren after she shamefully smeared President Trump’s Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions as a racist on the Senate floor.

The move was perhaps a sign that Republicans are ready to join Trump and fight back, instead of just accepting shameful and false accusations of bigotry.

While other Senators defended McConnell’s bold actions, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said it best: “If this body isn’t capable of having those debates there will be no place in this country where those debates can occur.”

Warren was taking part in cheap name calling, and refusing to debate on the issues. It was a vile smear that should have been beneath a U.S. Senator to make. Rubio called her out and basically said that adults should be able to debate without name-calling.

You have to see this:

There are many legitimate policy debates you can have about Sessions’ views without calling him a racist. Democrats lost in 2016 by huge margins because these types of insults simply don’t sit well with the vast majority of American people.

Sessions is one of the few members of Congress who supported President Trump from the beginning, and perhaps no one is tougher on illegal immigration problems and stopping voter fraud. Sessions is well qualified to become America’s next Attorney General, and doesn’t deserve Warren’s childish insults.

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