CNN: What Made This Liberal Cry On National Television?

During a debate over the current Israeli-Hamas conflict on CNN, liberal political contributor Marc Lamont-Hill was apparently so thoroughly beaten by Alan Dershowitz, that he was reduced to tears … literally.

Via Sooper Mexican:

CNN had the kind of debate they like – one defending a conservative viewpoint versus two liberals. In this case it was Alan Dershowitz who defended the acts of Israel in the current Gaza altercation, while Marc Lamont Hill (who was recently called a b*tch by rapper Big Boi), and Peter Beinart.

If you watch closely, the host Don Lemon tries to give them equal time, but it’s two against one – at the end, he makes Dershowitz go first so that his two interlocutors will get the last word. And even so, the debate was so one-sided that near the end, Marc Hill started to cry. Yes, he just couldn’t handle it.

The full debate can be seen at CNN.

The clip where a tear starts streaming down the face of Lamont-Hill is below…

And a very funny captioned version provided by Sooper Mexican can also be seen below…



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