Chelsea Clinton took umbrage with a Fox News hosts’s suggestion that her mother would “literally sell” her to win the White House.

Lisa Boothe was co-hosting “The Five” when she referred to the Democrat Party’s choice for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, as “the most soulless woman on the planet.”

Boothe added that Clinton would “literally sell her daughter … literally sell her only child to be President.”

Those statements caught the eye of Clinton’s daughter, who fired back at the Fox News host …

It should be noted that Chelsea did not confirm or deny that her mother is indeed ‘soulless.’

Sure, Hillary was willing to sell out the American people to Russia by approving a uranium deal in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations. And she sold out four American lives in Benghazi in order to rein in political damage during her time at the State Department.

But she would certainly draw the line at selling her own daughter, right?


Some followers openly wondered why Chelsea would feel the need to defend her mother on this …

The fact that Hillary overlooked her husband’s serial sexual affairs for the sake of her political ambitions shows that Chelsea wasn’t always their top concern.

Maybe she just needs a reminder that neither one of her parents are particularly ‘good people.’ Just ask Juanita Broaddrick:

To be fair, there was that one time when Hillary put Chelsea above all else. Her wedding.

It was only a $3 million wedding. Forbes wondered, “how the people of Haiti or the Gulf might use even half of that sum.”

Still, it’s proof of Hillary’s love for Chelsea.


Do you think Hillary would sell her own daughter to win the White House? Share your thoughts below!

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