Lindsey Graham Predicts “Bipartisan Acquittal” of President Trump

Lindsey Graham

Speaking to Sean Hannity, Senator Lindsey Graham predicted a “bipartisan acquittal of President Trump” by the Senate in his impeachment trial.

“Bipartisan Acquittal of President Trump”

Lindsey Graham told Hannity on Wednesday that he hoped the Senate wouldn’t call anyone as a witness in President Trump’s trial, because “every witness being requested by the Democrats were available to the House, but they chose not to call them.” If none were called, Graham said it could be all over in “about a week,” and predicted “a bipartisan acquittal of President Trump” as well.

Hannity queried why some of his colleagues would want to do the job of the House – the Senate is there to try the case, not really to hear witnesses. Graham had a simple answer for that.

“Chuck Schumer is not seeking the truth,” he argued:

If you think Chuck Schumer is trying to find out what happened here, you’re missing a lot. Chuck Schumer is trying to take back the Senate. He’s trying to make the argument that if you don’t call a witness you’re trying to cover up for the President. The truth of the matter is that Chuck Schumer is willing to destroy executive privilege. I can only imagine what he would be saying if this were a Democratic President. Who is he asking for? The National Security Advisor to the President, his Chief of Staff, the Secretary of State and the OMB Director. Four people essential to any presidency, and he couldn’t give a damn if Trump loses executive privilege.

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“They Just Hate Him So Much”

Graham said that the Democrats “just hate [him] so much,” and have been trying to “destroy his presidency” ever since he was elected. He warned that the impeachment would backfire on the Democrats like it did to the Republicans when they impeached Clinton.

“I think 2020 is going to be a blow out,” he said. “By the time impeachment is over and we have an election in November, there is going to be a backlash… Most Americans jealously guard the right to pick their own leaders, and I think they’re going to hold it against politicians who take that right away.”

Not only would Republicans keep the Senate, but they would also win the House back, and President Trump would be re-elected, Graham argued.

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“End This Crap as Quickly as Possible”

Hannity suggested that the Senate should call Hunter Biden as a witness, and answer for why he was being paid “millions and millions” by Burisma, despite having no experience.

“Can you think of a good reason [why they would do that]?” Hannity asked, adding “I can only think of one.”

Graham responded by agreeing that the case “stinks to high heaven,” but that it should be looked at “after the trial.”

“The best thing for the American people is to end this crap as quickly as possible, have a trial in the Senate, bipartisan acquittal of the president,” he said. “On February the 4th, when the President comes into the House chamber to deliver the State of the Union, he will have been acquitted by the Senate, he will be the strongest he’s ever been politically. When it comes to Donald Trump, the best is yet to come.”

I agree 100 percent with the Senator. The American people want this over and done with, not dragged on and on and on forever, with more “expert” witnesses and more fake bombshells. He is absolutely right that this plan will come back to bite the Democrats in the rear at the next election. President Trump will get another 4 years, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it!

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