Who could have ever foreseen this?

If Brett Kavanaugh survives the Democrat onslaught of false accusations against his character, it’ll be the Senator from South Carolina who is most responsible for carrying the nomination across the finish line.

While other Republican senators sat meek and spineless through the most preposterous dog-and-pony show since the Soviet kangaroo courts, Lindsey Graham took a blowtorch to the entire farce.

GOP members let Democrats steamroll them from the very beginning. They sat and listened to Ford’s multiple provable lies during her testimony and did nothing. They sat on their hands while the world impugned Kavanaugh’s character. They failed to blink when it became clear that Democrats had leaked her accusations to try and stall the confirmation process, then shrugged when it was revealed that Senator Dianne Feinstein, in addition, provided her with legal advice.

And of course, they “Flaked” when confronted by protesters.

Not Senator Graham. The normally “maverick” and left-leaning Republican did his best impression of King Leonidas, and smashed the Democrat smear campaign during the hearings.

“If you wanted an FBI investigation, you could have come to us!” Graham shouted at the grandstanding Democrats. “What you want to do is destroy this guy’s life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020.”

He went on to point out the fact that neither he nor the Republican party treated Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominees, Elena Kagen and Sonia Sotomayor, in such a despicable manner.

“This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics,” he added. “And if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as hell wouldn’t have done what you’ve done to this guy.”

Graham has been seething ever since, lighting a fire under the Republican base that could spell disaster for the opposition party come November.

One Democrat even called Graham’s speech a “Braveheart-like performance.”

Graham, it seems, had gone more Spartacus than Cory Booker.

He called for a “full-scale investigation” into those Democrats and their aides who may have been responsible for leaking Ford’s story, and those who helped her secure partisan legal counsel.

This past summer, he railed against those upset that he dare work with President Trump to advance the Republican agenda, telling critics they could essentially p*** off.

“When I worked with President Obama, and I did, on occasion, I was a hero,” Graham explained of those voices on the left. “Now when I work with President Trump, I’m two-faced. I know how the game’s played and I don’t give a damn.”

We don’t either. If Kavanaugh makes it through the confirmation process because of Graham being in perpetual Beast Mode, conservatives for generations will have the Senator to thank for a right-leaning court. Even more so than President Trump.

His fiery words might also serve as an effective counter to the supposed ‘blue wave’ in November.

As one Democrat recently wrote in an op-ed: “A Republican surge is underway.”

Just remember, it was the New and Improved Lindsey Graham who led the charge.