Libs Call GOP Commercial Created by Women “The Most Sexist Ad of The Year”

Many liberals in the media are narrow-minded individuals who couldn’t produce a unique thought to save their lives. Instead of coming up with thoughtful arguments, they respond to Republicans like brainwashed zombies chanting slogans: “Sexist! Racist! War on women!” That’s why Time magazine writer Charlotte Alter watched a Republican ad made by and for women and deemed it “the most sexist Republican ad of the year.”

Any reasonable person can see that the commercial has nothing to do with sexist stereotypes. It’s a light-hearted, funny ad that spoofs a popular TV show, Say Yes To The Dress. But Alter watched it and saw a woman in a wedding dress, and used simple-minded liberal logic to conclude that “woman+wedding dress=patriarchy=sexist!”

Or something like that.

Alter complained that “in case there is any debate about whether 1) Republicans really want young women on board for the midterms and 2) they’re confused about how to do it,” this commercial will “settle the question once and for all.”

One problem with this attack might be that the spot was created by a group of young women in an effort to target young, female voters. As Politico explained: “CRNC President Alex Smith — the first woman ever elected to that position — said the ads were written and produced in-house by her and the committee’s four other female staffers.”

Yet, Time’s Alter angrily denounced: “The ad features Brittany, a young undecided voter, who appears to be shopping for a wedding dress, but she’s actually shopping for candidates for the Florida Governor’s race, get it? Because women don’t like dirty old politics, women like wedding dresses!”

If that’s the message Alter took from this commercial, I suspect she’s the one who secretly thinks women are too stupid to vote, and need to be led to the polls by their wise liberal masters.

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