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Political Cartoon Exposes the Violence of the Left

In recent weeks, the intolerant left has been in an all-out war trying to silence conservatives across this country. Rather than allow for a free-range of ideas, liberals have resorted to intimidation and violence to suppress any opinion that does not conform to their worldview.

No place is this problem more prevalent than on college campuses, which are supposed to be bastions of free speech and ideas, but instead have been turned into intolerant liberal communes.

In the past two months, liberal students at University of California at Berkeley have viciously prevented two prominent conservatives from speaking on their campus: Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos.

The left has called these two conservatives every vicious name in the book, and have engaged in violence to block their invitation to speak on campus. While these liberals call conservatives bigots and spewers of hate speech, one political cartoon brilliantly exposes how the left’s war on free speech is destroying our society.

In early February, approximately 1,500 violent leftist anarchists rioted on Berkeley’s campus, breaking windows, starting bonfires, throwing smoke bombs and flares, forcing Milo to cancel his planned speech.

The chaos in Berkeley got so intense, that President Trump had to respond, threatening to cut off federal funding if the violence continued.

This week, conservative author Ann Coulter was forced to cancel a scheduled speech at Berkeley amid threats of violence. Coulter was originally scheduled to speak on Thursday, April 27, but the college asked to postpone the event until next month, given the increased threats of protests and violence.

Young America’s Foundation and the Berkeley College Republicans, which had organized the event, initially fought the school’s decision but pulled their support after Berkeley’s officials failed to adequately provide a safe environment for Ms. Coulter to speak.

These two instances demonstrate that liberals cannot handle listening to anyone with a political view that conflicts with their own. Even far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren criticized the leftist protesters, telling them if they don’t like Ann Coulter just “don’t show up” but do not prevent her from speaking.

Liberal comedian Bill Maher expressed similar sentiments, calling the left’s actions a version of “book burning.” You know that the left has gone too far in their anti-free speech attitudes when Bill Maher and Elizabeth Warren are suddenly the voice of reason for liberals.

Do you agree that this cartoon exposes the true violence of the left in trying to silence conservatives?