Liberal Woman Goes Ballistic On Rand Paul in Restaurant

Senator Rand Paul, who is still recovering from serious injuries suffered at the hands of his neighbor two years ago, was verbally attacked on Friday while eating lunch in a California restaurant.

Two liberal New Yorkers recognized Paul in the restaurant and intended to give the senator a piece of their mind. The man was fairly calm, but the woman accompanying him went ballistic.

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Paul’s Deputy Chief of Staff Sergio Gor posted a short video of part of the exchange on Twitter.

“While having lunch with @RandPaul in California, we got verbally assaulted by these aggressive libs complaining about incivility,” Gor wrote. “Check out the vid! #unhinged.”

The man in the video says he’s “not being rude” and says he has “a right to speak” to Paul because he’s an elected official.


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‘We’re not putting up with your Republican BS’

That’s when a woman is seen, angrily flipping her middle finger to the camera. She is recording with her phone, and blurts out, “You just ran into two people from New York, kiddo, and we’re not putting up with your Republican bulls***!”

The man tries to calm everything down, saying “All I am saying is that while you and I possibly, probably, don’t have much in common politically, all right? We are Americans.”

Paul took to Twitter to second what Gor said, “The left blames incivility on @realDonaldTrump. Watch this video and decide who the rude ones are,” and attached the video.

This Is Not New

This kind of confrontation of GOP figures by angry liberals is not new.

Restaurant patrons confronted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2018, who was having dinner with his wife at Louisville’s Havana Rumba restaurant.

“Why don’t you get out of here?,” a man shouted at McConnell and his wife. “Why don’t you leave the entire country?”

Then White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant in June 2018 by the owner. Why? Because she worked for President Trump.

So much for the tolerant Left. This incident occurred at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia.

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Just a few a days later after the Sanders incident, protesters confronted Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at her home, scaring her family, and chanting “no justice, no sleep,” as they played the cries of immigrant children through booming speakers.

The protesters were showing their opposition to Nielsen and the Trump administration enforcing U.S. immigration laws, even after the President reversed the policy of separating detained adults from their minor children while they waited for asylum hearings.

We can bet Rand Paul’s confrontation won’t be the last of this sort as Trump Derangement Syndrome affects the Left even worse as we head into 2020.

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