Liberal Activist Admits: Foreign Governments Trying to Buy Hillary


A report surfaced earlier this week that the Clinton Foundation had dropped a self-imposed ban on accepting donations from foreign government or agencies.

A Wall Street Journal analysis showed that while she is preparing to launch a presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton’s foundation has been accepting donations from such governments as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and a Canadian foreign affairs department handling the Keystone XL pipeline.

The donations have raised numerous ethical questions, especially in light of the fact that Clinton recognized the conflict of interest when she was running the State Department and stopped raising money from foreign governments in 2009.

Now, as she prepares her Ready For Hillary efforts, the Clinton Foundation feels it appropriate to raise such funds again?

Even a former MSNBC host and far-left progressive commentator has pointed out the impropriety.

Appearing on the RT Network’s In The Now show, Cenk Uygur made a very stark confession. When asked about Republicans “chiding” Clinton over the donations, Uygur confessed that Republicans “are totally right.”

Uygur then went on to say that it is “patently obvious” that foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia are trying to influence somebody they believe will be the next president of the United States.

Take a look…

Transcript of Uygur’s response:

“Well, it’s a rare circumstance where the Republicans are totally right. Now, I have no beef with the foundation. I’m sure it does wonderful work but the idea that you would take $10 to $25 million from a foreign government and not be influenced by them is preposterous. Even if you think Hillary Clinton is a saint and she will not be influenced by that money at all — good for her, but it at least use the appearance of corruption and certainly Saudi Arabia and other countries are giving it not because they care about human rights. If Saudi Arabia cared about human rights they have a lot of other ways to show it. They’re doing it to influence Hillary Clinton who might be the next president the United States and that’s patently obvious.”

What are your thoughts – Are Hillary Clinton’s foreign donations a clear-cut case of foreign influence on a Democrat candidate?


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