Leftists Protest BLACK Conservative With ‘End White Supremacy’ Sign

When Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens recently spoke at Utah Valley University, they were confronted by protesters who unfurled a large banner that read “End White Supremacy.”

It’s worth noting that Owens is black.

Owens, a popular conservative speaker, has made a name for herself in recent months. That the campus protesters might have not been aware she was black could be an honest mistake. But, the whole scene was yet another example of how ridiculous the Left has become.

Owens and Kirk Take the Stage

Owens and Kirk took the stage where they mocked self-described socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“She’s nothing more than a prototype,” said Kirk of AOC. “She’s a prototype of the university Left.”

“What we’re seeing with her and Ilhan Omar is that they’re embracing this anti-Semitism, they’re anti-Israel and that really alarms me,” Owens said, referring to recent racial controversies in the Capitol.

In August, Turning Point USA offered Ocasio-Cortez $100,000 for any charity of her choosing, if she would agree to debate Owens. The congresswoman refused to debate.

Owens called AOC an “intellectual coward” for turning down their offer.

“And here, I thought socialists love free money,” said Owens, as the audience laughed.

“She would actually have to earn that, and have her reputation disgraced,” Kirk chimed in, “but, she’s nothing more than a prototype of the academic Left, where she’s constantly wrong but never in doubt.”

Breitbart reports:

As Kirk and Owens were leaving the university after the event, the pair were greeted by protesters who carried signs and had draped a banner over a balcony that read, “End White Supremacy.”

“This is the sign at an event that I just did,” said Owens, pointing up at the banner, “‘End White Supremacy,’ Why do people [have] all these signs, protesting events where black people are speaking?”

“This is the modern Left.”

Indeed it is. The Left that shows up ready to fight “white supremacy” only to find out the conservative they loathe is black.

You really can’t make this stuff up.


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