Kirsten Gillibrand, the ever-opportunistic senator from New York, condemned former President Bill Clinton, saying he should have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky affair.

What an absolute joke. An insult to the intelligence of the American people. Democrats, including Gillibrand, have either been vociferous defenders, or indifferent enablers to the sexual harassment and extramarital affairs that Clinton took part in for many years.

Now, as a tidal wave of sexual harassment allegations have poured in from women in Hollywood and politics, Gillibrand decided to get on board the ‘women should be believed’ bus, and promptly ran Slick Willie over.

When asked by the New York Times whether Clinton should have resigned over the Lewinsky affair, Gillbrand responded “Yes, I think that is the appropriate response.”

That’s really, really odd. Just a year ago Gillibrand was actively working to put the man she now says should have resigned, back in the White House!

In an essay last year supporting Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House, Gillibrand wrote that she “was truly honored that President Bill Clinton campaigned for me in my first run for Congress in 2006.”

Now that the Clintons have little to no political power, Gillibrand finally found a moral compass.

Gillibrand has spent most of her political career in New York ignoring sexual misconduct by Democrat lawmakers.

She remained silent when Anthony Weiner – future underage girl sexter – was caught sending photos of his junk to random women on the interwebs.

She remained silent when a powerful New York Democrat, Vito Lopez, was groping women and leering at a 14-year-old intern and encouraging her to wear “sexy attire.”

She remained silent when former Speaker of the New York State Assembly Sheldon Silver used taxpayer money to cover up those sexual harassment complaints against Lopez.

There was a time when Democrats in the Empire State were being accused of sexual harassment nearly every other week. Still, she remained silent.

And we’re supposed to applaud Gillibrand for finally standing up to condemn Bill Clinton? Please.

Should Bill Clinton have resigned over the Lewinsky affair? Should Gillibrand have spoken up earlier? Share your thoughts below!

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