In a recent interview at the Women for Women International Luncheon in New York, Hillary Clinton ran through a variety of reasons why she lost the presidential election.

There was James Comey and Wikileaks, misogyny, good ol’ Vladimir Putin, and even a lack of debate questions regarding jobs that we thoroughly debunked.

And while it’s our belief that Hillary only need look in the mirror to discover the true reason why she lost, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway may have provided the best response so far.

Conway tweeted four specific reasons that Hillary lost. She then signed it “Woman in the White House.”


Via the Washington Examiner:

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway followed the example of her boss Tuesday night, taking to Twitter to share her thoughts about Hillary Clinton.

Conway, channeling President Trump, roasted Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after the unsuccessful 2016 nominee said her loss was the result of sinister outside forces.

“You Ignored WI,” “Called us deplorable/irredeemable,” “Had oodles of $$ & no message,” “Lost to a better candidate,” Conway tweeted, signing the message “From: Woman in the White House.”

That last part had to cut like a knife.

Not only does it dispense with Clinton’s theory that misogyny is responsible for keeping a woman out of the White House, but it also reminds us that Conway is actually the one to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling.

She is the first woman to ever successfully run a campaign for the presidency. Hillary meanwhile, is a two-time presidential loser.

Conway also tweeted an exasperated response to Clinton’s finger-pointing, calling her self-awareness, or the lack thereof, “stunning.”

Whatever that message may have been, it clearly wasn’t just misogynistic men who weren’t responding to the first female presidential candidate.

During the Democrat primary, Bernie Sanders collected more support from women under 30 than Clinton, a shocking fact.

Hillary lost, not because of misogyny, not due to Putin, or Comey, or Wikileaks. No, her election loss involves many pointed fingers indeed, but all of which are pointed directly at her.

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