Faux comedienne Kathy Griffin appeared on “The View” on Monday and took her apology to President Trump back, dropped f-bombs and vulgar rants like it was her job, and promptly had her mic cut off several times.

It took quite a bit for producers to cut the mic, incidentally. But why bother? Griffin espouses views that a majority of “The View” hosts and audience agree with.

Here’s some of what got Griffin, the unhinged embarrassment to the comedy profession, in trouble …

She Said of Trump – “F*** him”

You may recall, Griffin posted a graphic image of her holding up a convincing bloody severed head of the President. When she saw her career going down the toilet, she issued a crocodile tear-laden apology.

She has since rescinded that apology several times and reiterated as such with the ladies of “The View.”

“I take the apology back,” Griffin said. “F*** him.”

She Called Eric Trump “Date Rape.”

Griffin said the apology reversal applies to both Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, whom she calls “Eddie Munster and date rape.’

She Accused Trump, Without Evidence, of Personally Ordering Secret Service to Investigate Her

Griffin claimed Trump was personally behind the Secret Service decision to investigate her for “conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States.”

She offered no evidence but suggested they “ask Michael Cohen” because “I’m sure it’s on his phone.”

Rehashed an Alleged Story About Someone Wanting to Bomb Her V*****

Griffin also added a comment about supposed bomb threats that theaters received if she performed there.

“I don’t blame the theater owners,” she said. “Because they’re used to doing ‘Mamma Mia’ or ‘Stomp’ and, and all of a sudden it’s ‘I’m going to bomb Kathy Griffin in her v*****.'”

When she pointed down, in case you were unsure of the location, her mic was cut off again.

Here’s the entire interview, which is posted prominently on “The View’s” YouTube channel:

The entertainer continued dropping f-bombs and using vulgar language throughout the interview.

Griffin is clearly a charming young lady and a voice of the progressive left. Remember, this is how they truly think.

Is Kathy Griffin a reprehensible human being who represents what the left thinks? Share your thoughts below!