Kathy Griffin Left With Massively Swollen Lips After Bizarre Tattoo Procedure

Kathy Griffin
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The radically liberal comedian Kathy Griffin shocked her fans this week by showing off her massively swollen lips after she underwent a truly bizarre tattoo procedure.

Griffin’s Lip Procedure

Page Six reported that Griffin, 62, recently posted a video to her YouTube channel in which she documented her getting her lips tattooed last month in a cosmetic procedure known as “blushing.”

“I’m f—ked, look at me,” Griffin told her friend Kristen Johnston of “Third Rock From The Sun” fame in the video.

Johnston could only laugh in disbelief at Griffin’s appearance, asking if her lips were “real.”

“What did you do?” she questioned.

“Well, Kristen thinks it’s noticeable,” Griffin said to the camera, pointing out the obvious. She sarcastically went on to add, “I don’t think anybody will be able to tell.”

At some point in July, Griffin underwent a procedure known as “blushing,” which is meant to add a semi-permanent tint of color that is tattooed to the lips.

Randy Bick, Griffin’s husband, was just as stunned by the results of the procedure as anyone else was, as he could only exclaim “s***!” when he saw his wife’s appearance.

“It’s a little swollen!” Griffin fired back.

The swelling eventually did go down, with Griffin sharing photos of how her lips looked afterwards. Check out the full video below.

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Griffin Claims To Have ‘Extreme Case’ Of PTSD

It’s been quite a 2023 for Griffin.

Earlier this year, she claimed to be suffering from an “extreme case” of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that she alleges stems from the backlash she received over her posing with the simulated severed head of then-President Donald Trump back in 2017.

In case you need a reminder, check out that infamous photo below.

“Let’s talk about PTSD. Never talked about it publicly,” Griffin said in a TikTok video. “You can laugh or whatever, but I’ve been diagnosed with complex PTSD. They call it an extreme case.”

“I’d love to hear from you guys about depression or anxiety…how you cope,” she added. “If any of you know my story, you’ll understand that this really started for me about five and a half years ago. Wink. You know, the cancer didn’t help.”

Griffin was referring to her battle with Stage 1 lung cancer, which she was diagnosed with in 2021. However, she was quick to add that she believes her PTSD stems from the Trump photo backlash.

“I have lots of tools, but it is extremely intense,” Griffin captioned the video. “I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. If you’re someone who also deals with this, I am sending you lots and lots of #love.”

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Griffin Plays The Victim

Playing the victim when it comes to her Trump photo controversy is something that Griffin has enjoyed doing quite a bit in recent years. In a 2021 interview, she blamed her experiences on drug addiction and suicidal thoughts on the backlash from the photo.

“To be told by people in my own industry, ‘It’s over. Leave the country for five years. You’ve shamed our industry,’ on and on and on. It definitely got to me,” she told ABC News at the time. “And so, I got to the point where I kind of agreed. Like, maybe it is time for me to go, and I’ve had a great life, and I don’t think there’s a next chapter for me.”

Anybody nutty enough to think that Griffin is actually a funny comedian has to be a radical liberal, so it sadly comes as no surprise that she continues to double down on her anti-Trump ways. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, however, Griffin might want to think twice before she has more work done, because her appearance after this lip procedure was the stuff of nightmares!

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