Kathy Griffin Deals With Her ‘Trump-Induced PTSD’ By Meowing Like A Cat, Mooing Like A Cow

Kathy Griffin
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The radically liberal comedian Kathy Griffin has spent the past few months claiming that she is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that stems from the fallout over the 2017 photo that she took in which she posed with the simulated severed head of the then-President Donald Trump.

Now, Griffin has revealed that she has resorted to meowing like a cat and mooing like a cow to try and deal with this alleged PTSD.

Griffins’ Bizarre PTSD Treatment 

“It’s when I get on all fours like a kitty cat and then I arch my back and I am instructed by my teacher to say the word meow. I feel like a f***ing fool, but I do it,” Griffin, 63, told Vulture.

“And then I un-arch my back and — wait for it — I ‘moo’ like a cow,” she continued. “PTSD is a b****, and when I get PTSD attacks, I can’t stop vomiting. So if I have to meow like a kitty cat and moo like a cow, I’m gonna f***ing do it.”

Griffin is preparing to embark on her “My Life on the PTSD-List” tour, and though PTSD is a condition that is typically reserved for combat veterans or victims of some kind of violence, the former “Suddenly Susan” star is adamant that she is suffering from it.

“I actually do have PTSD, and I’m laughing because I thought that was only for combat veterans,” she said.

“But apparently if you’re put under investigation by the Department of Justice, and the president wants you to be charged with conspiracy to assassinate the president, and you’re put on the No Fly List, and then your tour is canceled because of bomb threats, and then your phone doesn’t ring for six years, and then you get cancer and lose part of your voice ’cause half of your lung is gone, you gotta laugh about it,” Griffin added.

Griffin was referring to her 2021 battle with lung cancer that resulted in her undergoing surgery to remove half a lung, a procedure that greatly changed her voice.

“I love talking about this stuff, which I know initially doesn’t sound hilarious,” she stated. “Something has happened where it’s almost like America has finally forgiven me or something. All of a sudden, I got a call from the Mirage in Vegas, and they were the first to say, ‘Yes, we want you to do a show,’ and it sold out.”

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Griffin’s Previous PTSD Comments 

Griffin first started claiming that she is suffering from Trump-induced PTSD earlier this year.

“What I have found mostly is that it’s so much more common than anybody would think. And luckily, we’re beyond the time when folks think PTSD is straight up just for combat veterans. And that was what I initially thought,” Griffin told People Magazine back in June.

“Luckily, that science has advanced so that it can include someone like me. I was having these panic attacks. And the way they took form in me is like non-stop vomiting,” she added. “I couldn’t figure out: ‘Why am I shaking all the time? Why does everything make me sick to my stomach?’ You know, when you’re barfing, you can’t go anywhere, you can’t do anything, you’re weak.”

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Griffin Needs ‘Alternative Remedies’

Griffin went on to talk about how she has gone about treating her alleged PTSD.

“I have a team of people, I finally said, ‘I can’t do this myself.’ I need to have alternative remedies. I have to be in acceptance that this is my new reality. And this is my new voice. And so I’m doing this thing called EMDR,” she said, referring to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing treatment.

“You go back to something traumatic, like let’s say it was my cancer diagnosis. But you work through it in a way where your brain can stop being stuck in the place of going: ‘Oh, my God, I’m gonna die. My career is over, my life is over. I have this horrible new voice that sounds like I’m on helium’ ” she explained. “Then you put it in a new place where you process it and go: ‘Hey, I got booked in Vegas. My career isn’t over.”

It’s insulting to the countless American veterans who are actually suffering from PTSD that Griffin is continuing to claim that she has it because of Trump. She can meow like a cat and moo like a cow all that she wants to, but in the end, Griffin is just continuing to show the world what an unhinged mess of a person that she really is.

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