Kari Lake Dominates CPAC Vice President Poll Among Large Field of Potential Candidates

The people have spoken, and Kari Lake appears to be the most popular candidate for the GOP vice presidential slot in 2024 according to last week’s official Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The former Arizona gubernatorial candidate won 20% of the vote among a field of 30 potential candidates listed. On the list, Lake surpassed former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley who received 10%, as well as popular Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who earned 14%.

Haley is currently running for the Republican presidential nomination, while DeSantis is rumored to be announcing his own presidential campaign as well any moment now. Both have had their names floated around as likely VP contenders too.

Other big names which earned a smaller percentage of the straw poll vote included former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, businessman and current presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Senator Ted Cruz, and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Lake’s Twitter account responded to the favorable results, saying that “We’re flattered, but unfortunately our legal team says the Constitution won’t allow for her to serve as Governor and VP at the same time.” This statement is in reference to Lake’s continued legal battle contesting the results of the controversial 2022 Governor’s race in Arizona, which she believes she legally won due to alleged voter fraud.

As for who conservatives want to see at the top of the ticket in 2024, former President Donald Trump won big boasting 62% of the vote, with DeSantis earning 20%.

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Not Backing Down

As of last week, Lake’s legal battle regarding her lawsuit alleging election tampering in the 2022 gubernatorial election will now be seen before Arizona Supreme Court.

Lake’s legal team filed the “Motion To Expedite” their case, stating that “expeditious action to resolve these issues is needed to safeguard Arizona voters’ right to free and equal elections.”

It was only in February that the appeals court had decided that Arizona voters could cast their ballots at the time the alleged tampering occurred, and that those votes were counted properly.

The ruling at the time stated “Lake argues that the superior court erred by dismissing her claims asserting equal protection and due process violations. Her arguments fail, however, because these claims were expressly premised on an allegation of official misconduct in the form of interference with with the on-site tabulators — the same alleged misconduct as in Lake’s printer/tabulator claim.”

“Because these claims were duplicative of a claim that Lake unsuccessfully pursued at trial, the superior court did not err by dismissing them. For the foregoing reasons, we affirm the superior court’s ruling confirming Hobb’s election as governor. We deny Hobbs’s request for an award of attorney’s fees on appeal because she offered no substantive basis for the award,” the appeals court added.

“Evidence ultimately supports the conclusion that voters were able to cast their ballots, that votes were counted correctly, and that no other basis justifies the election results.”

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Senator Kari Lake?

Despite all indications she’s sticking with her attempts to legally find a way to overturn the results of the gubernatorial election, Lake has also made it known she’s considering a possible US Senate run as well.

According to The Washington Post who spoke to someone close to Lake last week, she is considering June of this year to announce whether she will be entering the race or not.

Currently, she leads all potential GOP candidates for that position and is also boasting high favorability ratings among Arizona Republicans.

In an interview last month when teasing her potential campaign, Lake targeted sitting Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

“She’s the furthest thing from an independent,” Lake said. “Someone somewhere said she did a couple of courageous things, well, she should do courageous stuff here every day. If you are blessed to be elected by the people, when you show up in Washington, D.C., you should be doing courageous acts every damn day.

Do you think Lake should run for Senate, continue her legal battle, or flirt with the idea of courting the possibility of being the eventual GOP nominee’s VP pick? Let us know in the comments below.

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