Like him or not, Kanye West thinks for himself, and members of the liberal left were none too happy with him over the weekend when he expressed his “love” for Candace Owens, a conservative black commentator who recently declared that President Donald Trump is the “savior” of the free world.

West tweeted on Saturday, “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.”

As with everything West does, the tweet immediately garnered attention – including from Owens, who responded that she was “freaking out,” before crediting West as an inspiration.

Owens also responded to media coverage of West’s tweet, clarifying that she’s not “far right.”

However, no matter what Owens says, liberals think they have her pegged – and they just couldn’t believe that West would publicly show support for someone like her.

The hatred for Owens, and other black conservatives, among the black community, is just unreal. For whatever reason, liberals seem to believe that if you’re black you HAVE to be a liberal Democrat, and any thought to the contrary makes you a race-denier.

But West at least has one high-profile supporter:

Here’s to people who think for themselves!

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