In what can only be described as a bizarre comparison, presidential hopeful Kamala Harris tweeted a Father’s Day message in which she equated illegal immigrants and criminals with deployed military fathers.

Aside from the obvious ill-advised effort to equate these groups of people in the first place, it should be blatantly obvious that illegals and criminals put their own children in harm’s way while military fathers, through their patriotic service to this nation, are forced by circumstance to be separated from their family.

Well … obvious to most anyone with a respect for our nation, it’s laws, and our military. But not Kamala.

“Today I’m thinking of the fathers who can’t be with their children because they were ripped from their sons and daughters at the border,” she wrote. “The fathers who can’t celebrate today because they can’t afford bail. The fathers who are deployed. Don’t forget them.”

Someone Should Ask Her

Follow-up questions for Ms. Harris:

  1. Were you thinking of the fathers who committed a crime and lost their children at the border when the Obama administration was separating them?
  2. Will you be equally as pensive should your fantasy of jailing President Trump come true? Will you be thinking of him during this fictitious scenario on any forthcoming Father’s Days?
  3. Do you think of those who had fatherhood ripped away from them through abortion?
  4. What about the minority fathers who were jailed when she was a prosecutor for the crime of their kids having skipped school?
  5. Was she also thinking of the father of a woman who was repeatedly sexually harassed by a top aide under her watch as Attorney General of California?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Better Way to Handle This

If Harris wants to draw up sympathy for families at the border, that’d be a discussion for another day. As would sympathy for criminals. She could have lamented those situations separately.

But to throw military men into the same breath as these groups is appalling.

Those men are away from their children because they are fighting for American rights and freedoms. Men in jail or separated from their children at the border are in that situation because they broke the law.