On Monday, ABC’s “The View” host Joy Behar told her fellow co-hosts that the Republican Party had been preserving “murder and mayhem” due to the party’s support of the Second Amendment.

The exchange came in the wake of the recent school shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan.

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Behar: ‘The Republican Party and their business partners, the NRA, where they sell guns like crazy, are not doing anything’

Behar and the others had been discussing the shooting – including the fact that the alleged shooter’s parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, have been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked, “The question really is, I mean after all of that’s laid out, I know we don’t have the fast facts, should they be facing some blame here?”

Behar replied, “You know, the Republican Party and their business partners, the NRA, where they sell guns like crazy, are not doing anything. They’re not changing any laws.”

Behar made the accusation despite the fact that the NRA does not sell guns. 

Referring to Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, Behar said, “Grassley last week, instead of retiring, he said we’re not going to have background checks.”

That’s when Behar brought up Republicans supposedly supporting or preserving “murder and mayhem.”

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Behar On GOP And Second Amendment

“I mean, these people are out there to preserve this murder and mayhem we keep seeing on a regular basis,” Behar said.

“So yes, we have to do something else,” Behar insisted. “Now, this is another tool that these prosecutors have found. I say bravo to that woman. What kind of mom says ‘LOL, just don’t get caught’? What type of behavior is that?”

“Come on,” Behar finished.

The Crumbley parents, according to prosecutors, purchased the handgun used in the shooting for their son. After the shooting, the parents had apparently fled, though they denied it, and were caught in Detroit.

Neighbors had reported disturbing behavior on the part of the parents


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