Joe Manchin Confronted by Bret Baier on ‘Disingenuous’ Inflation Reduction Act, Says He Has No Regrets

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin was confronted by Fox News anchor Bret Baier over the "disingenuous" Inflation Reduction Act hours after celebrating its passage at the White House with President Biden.
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Democrat Senator Joe Manchin was confronted by Fox News anchor Bret Baier over the “disingenuous” Inflation Reduction Act – the segment coming just hours after the Senator celebrated its passage at the White House with President Biden.

The celebrations came on the same day that news broke of inflation being red-hot.

“So, you don’t have regrets right now for signing onto this bill?” asked Baier.

Manchin replied, “No,” and in fact pointed out that he didn’t simply sign onto the bill, he helped craft it along with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

“For people at home, we are talking about the inside politics about how to get these deals done. They look at what they are seeing at the table. Inflation is not slowing. This CPI report was bad today,” Baier continued to press.

Despite an anticipated decrease from economists, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 8.3% from a year ago in August, up 0.1% from the previous month.

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Manchin Defends Inflation Reduction Act

Senator Joe Manchin continued to defend the Inflation Reduction Act to Bret Baier, claiming that putting more supply into the energy sector would drive costs down.

According to the New York Times, Manchin was sold on the bill after months of negotiations due to a pledge by Democrat leaders and the White House to complete a highly contested 304-mile gas pipeline in West Virginia.

The problem is that the CPI report reflects lower gas prices in the past month and inflation still went up due to increases in the costs of food, shelter, and medical care services.

“Isn’t it disingenuous to call this the Inflation Reduction Act if we are looking at a CPI that actually goes up?” Baier asked.

Machin replied, “It’s the only thing we have ever done that has a chance to really fight inflation.”

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Manchin and the Democrats Celebrated at the White House

Despite a gloomy report indicating inflation is as strong as ever, and an absolute bloodbath on Wall Street yesterday, Joe Manchin (D-WV) and his colleagues celebrated the Inflation Reduction Act at the White House.

They were patting themselves on the back for a job well done even as the reality of skyrocketing prices is crippling Americans.

It is one of the more tone-def things we’ve seen in politics in years.

Manchin, who had an integral role in crafting the Inflation Reduction Act legislation, was singled out for praise by President Biden.

“Joe, thanks for sticking with what you said you’d do,” Biden said, practically patting him on the head. “I appreciate it.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a ‘please clap’ moment at the Inflation Reduction celebration, but her words celebrating the Act while Americans suffer are a true embarrassment.

Pelosi (D-CA) claimed the Act is “driving down costs for kitchen table items for America’s working families.”

It isn’t, and a report from just hours earlier proves as much.

“Mr. President, thank you for unifying and inspiring a vision of a stronger, fairer, safer future for all our children. Your extraordinary leadership has made this glorious day possible,” Pelosi said before prodding the crowd to cheer.

Do they ever get tired of telling easily disproven lies?

Manchin, in his interview with Baier, called out another liar in his party – Vice President Kamala Harris.

Harris, despite volumes of evidence suggesting otherwise, recently told NBC’s Chuck Todd that “the border is secure.”

Manchin said she is “dead wrong” on the matter.

Manchin though isn’t without his own history of tall tales. The West Virginia Democrat has insisted the Inflation Reduction Act will not raise taxes on Americans. Turns out it will.

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