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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Bill says:

    Time to round this guy up and throw the book at him!! You have eye witness in Gagnon who was a victim of Buck’s drugs and injections. How long are we planning on letting this go before the proper actions are taken? Or does his being a close friend of Hillary Clinton the Corruption Queen and the shady Democrats get him exonerated from the charges by this young man Gagnon so Buck can strike again? We have seen the failures of our law enforcement authorities of plenty to believe that justice will prevail here with an arrest.

  2. 173rdHerd says:

    And Black people still vote for Democrats hoping this time they get an advocate.

  3. Frank says:

    The observation that if the victims had been white Buck would already be in jail is pure racist hype. If he had been poor would be more accurate, Weinstein still isn’t in jail and if Hillary had not lost the election he might not even be charged. And who turned out to vote for Hillary? More than 80% of the black vote . It is obscene to make a matter of race to accuse why the suspect is not already under arrest before even a cursory investigation when they voted for the person who is enabling him. I get it now its not just that BLMs are racists, they are aholes.

  4. evwimena says:

    As usual…the Teflon Clintons will ALWAYS skate.

    I think the majority of people are damned tired of political correctness. Blacks seem to be
    “empowered” ( I hate that term !) to dredge up “inequities” that happened 150 years before
    we all were born !!
    Successful black families are successful, because they were families, and worked hard
    to succeed. They built family equity, STRESSED education, didn’t blame anyone else for
    their wrong choices. Successful minority people…that didn’t wear the mantle of “victim,”
    have disproved lack of opportunity. Caucasian is just a color, NOT a gimme to working.

    Third generation minority “welfare professionals” need some responsibility training.

  5. Luci says:

    I will reveal to you ONE dad-burned thing! There is NO WAY IN AICH these donee’s didn’t KNOW about this mad-man sub-human was NOT involved with such depravity against his victims! May he rot in eternal hell and he WILL! The ones who were the recipients of this creep are just as guilty for protecting HIM and allowing him to rack up bodies! Dead AND alive! God bless the families of the victims! He should be MADE to liquidate his fortune and divide it between every victim that can prove he assaulted them!

  6. Mike says:

    ” A black protester in crowd outside Dem mega-donor Ed Buck’s house made an interesting point: he said if 2 white men had been found dead inside a black man’s house, the dude would already be in jail. ”
    Like the difference between Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton?

  7. dylee36 says:

    For sure this racial t hing is getting run in the ground! I am so sick of Black American, Asian American, Mexican American, etc etc. We are all Americans who were born here or came into the US legally and became citizen. So lets just start saying, “I am an AMERICAN” and stop all this other crap! You will not be called anything other than an American Citizen if you are abiding by the law and paying your own way!

  8. dylee36 says:

    I agree Steven, the pop ups are annoying and I often dont read because of it.
    Im not saying Hillary is a murderer, from her past reputation, but she sure chooses crooked friends and investment people. Makes one wonder!

  9. Steven says:

    This was a great analysis of the situation. I’m glad I read it even though I had to deal with the stupid popup that you have to deal with to read the whole thing.

  10. Chief_Nick says:

    And people still will vote for the Democrats even as the truth about the depth and depravity of their corruption continues to come to light.
    Mussolini’s Fascists engaged in similar acts, making naysayers “disappear” or help them to have “accidents” to silence them. Here we see a rich supporter, an elitist who uses the very drugs that the Fascist Left wants to legalize for “recreational” use. What we really have is the scenario spelled out in the book RED COCAINE: The Drugging of America and the West. Using drug abuse and escapism to destroy first the morals then the inhibitions and then the intelligence of the citizenry until it allows itself, nay helps the Fascist Left to take over with their promises of free education, free housing, free medical care, free retirement system, etc.
    Of course, the mainstream media and Fascist operatives will attempt to turn this into a race issue when, in truth, anything but and race is just the tool of the Fascist Left to prevent scrutiny of the actual happening.

  11. Sylvia says:

    Why does this have to turn into a black white issue. This is murder and it should be dealt with accordingly.
    It disgusts me! This is something any decent human being cares about and it’s turned into a “racial” issue.
    I credit the guy who was in the White House for 8 long years. He was so successful at creating divisiveness yet we keep hearing the outrageous claims that President Trump is to blame?! That claim is just as ridiculous as turning this into a racial issue rather than a human issue.

    1. william says:

      I totally agree. This sounds more like a drug issue rather than a racial issue.

    2. CashGirl says:

      You said it well, Sylvia. I think a lot of us out here are sick and tired of everything wearing a “racist” label. And as for that guy who resided in our White House for those 8 years? He was the start of this divisiveness and downhill slide we’ve been on — President Trump is trying his best to pull the reins back on it, despite the vacuous, frenzied liberals trying to block him at every turn! May God help us all!

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