James Woods Obliterates CNN ‘Court Jester’ Jim Acosta

James Woods Jim Acosta
Jim Acosta, Senior White House Correspondent for CNN, speaks on camera after US President Donald Trump held an event about the passage of tax reform legislation on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, December 20, 2017. Trump hailed a "historic" victory Wednesday as the US Congress passed a massive Republican tax cut plan, handing the president his first major legislative achievement since taking office nearly a year ago. / AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Conservative actor James Woods hammered Jim Acosta for his latest juvenile tactic which involved yelling an irrelevant question that President Trump had no chance of hearing, involving a false narrative, from across a room at an event touting GOP tax cuts. (RELATED: CNN’s Jim Acosta Heckled at Trump Rally: ‘Go Home, Jim’).

Acosta used the tragic shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Maryland to push a narrative that the President’s rhetoric had something to do with the shooter’s actions. The reality is that the gunman had a personal vendetta against the newspaper dating back to well before Trump took office.

But that didn’t stop CNN’s resident stooge from trying to link Trump’s disdain for the media to the actions of a crazed lunatic.

“Mr. President, will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people!?” he repeatedly shouted, knowing full well he wasn’t getting an answer.

Somebody in the crowd even turned around to shush Acosta. That man is an American hero.

Acosta bragged about his efforts, another method of getting attention as he often does, shortly thereafter.

Ever the warrior, aren’t we Jim?

Conservative actor James Woods took Acosta to the woodshed when he responded to his antics on Twitter.

This particular court jester needs to have his media credentials revoked.

Woods wasn’t the only one rightfully ticked off with Acosta’s antics.

Steve Krakauer, a former senior digital producer for CNN, called out Acosta as “self-serving” and “an embarrassment on multiple levels.”

Krakauer took to social media and put Acosta on full blast, indicating that his willingness to propagate a false narrative is a major reason why Americans don’t trust the media. (RELATED: CNN’s Jim Acosta Heckled at Trump Rally: ‘Go Home, Jim’).

He added that the CNN correspondent is “truly an embarrassment, on multiple levels” and that he “give(s) all good journalists a bad name.”

Acosta has no shame.

Even CNN’s host of the show “Reliable Sources,” of which the network has none, Brian Stelter, called him out for simply trying to get attention.

“When you’re at the back of the room like you were on Friday, and you shout a question to Trump and he probably can’t even hear it, isn’t it true that you’re kind of doing that just to get attention?” Stelter asked.

Acosta dodged the question and said people just don’t understand the process involved in being a noble journalist like himself.

“People don’t understand there’s a process to it and typically we adhere to that process,” he responded.

It’s a safe assumption that acting like a court jester isn’t part of the process.

Acosta’s actions demonstrate that he is more interested in gaining fame than being an actual journalist. It’s sad that CNN allows him to appear on their airwaves every day, but given that the network is part of the so-called “resistance”, nothing that they do surprises me anymore.

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