James O’Keefe Launches New Media Venture After Being Ousted From Project Veritas

Just weeks after his controversial ouster from Project Veritas, 'guerilla journalist' James O'Keefe has launched his own media venture, the O'Keefe Media Group.
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Just weeks after his controversial ouster from Project Veritas, ‘guerilla journalist’ James O’Keefe has launched his own media venture, the O’Keefe Media Group.

The group’s acronym, OMG, is rather appropriate considering the circumstances in which O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, was unceremoniously removed from that company.

O’Keefe announced the group’s new website on Wednesday – okeefemediagroup.com – and encouraged supporters to sign up for the platform launch scheduled in July.

The thrust of the new group’s mission is citizen journalism backed by professionals.

“Empowering and equipping a movement of thousands of people like you to report things that are wrong, with the support of an in-house team of elite journalists to bring factual, unbiased stories to light,” the site states.

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James O’Keefe Launches New Citizen Journalism Venture

Appearing on the Charlie Kirk Show, James O’Keefe teased some upcoming reports already in the works for the O’Keefe Media Group.

“We are going to create an army of citizen journalists the likes that the world has never seen before,” O’Keefe said.

He added, “We have stories that are about to break, but the story today is the existence of this website.”

O’Keefe took a jab at his previous outfit, Project Veritas, claiming they had “awakened a sleeping giant.”

And, he noted, there is little chance of repeat controversy that engulfed him at Veritas.

“We can never be shut down again, because not only do I own it, but you do too. Support us and sponsor our army of journalists by becoming a founding member today,” he announced on the new site.

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A War With Project Veritas?

News of James O’Keefe’s new media venture comes less than one month after his controversial and hostile ouster from Project Veritas.

The Political Insider reported that O’Keefe was placed on paid leave as the board of Project Veritas sorted through some of the accusations levied against him.

The suspension was reportedly due to O’Keefe’s attempt to fire the group’s chief strategy and financial officers over alleged conflicts over fundraising, while the group’s founder was also accused of running a toxic work environment.

Many supporters of O’Keefe were dismayed that Project Veritas would push their founder out and started unfollowing them on social media in droves.

Veritas sent out a mass email to subscribers and donors begging them to remain with the conservative media group after their very public divorce from O’Keefe.

“We hope that you might continue to give us a chance. We can’t stress how separate the board’s role is from daily operations here at PV,” they wrote.

“Thank you so much for your support in the past and we hope we might regain your trust if you’ll give us a chance.”

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