James Comey, the disgraced former FBI director who the media likes to tout as a ‘lifelong Republican’ to prove his supposed impartiality, is finally coming out of the closet.

The attention-starved primadonna urged Americans to vote for Democrat candidates this coming election, which could lead to a Democrat takeover of Congress, and ultimately impeachment of President Trump.

“This Republican Congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the Founders’ design that ‘Ambition must … counteract ambition,'” he wrote referencing James Madison in Federalist Paper #51.

“All who believe in this country’s values must vote for Democrats this fall,” he added. “Policy differences don’t matter right now. History has its eyes on us.”

Comey isn’t exactly the riddle of the Sphinx when he speaks, and his tweet isn’t that difficult to unpackage. (RELATED: Trey Gowdy Got a Chance to Address James Comey, He Obliterated Him).

Urging Americans to vote Democrat, combined with the mention of Madison is a clear-cut plan for Trump’s impeachment.

Federalist Paper #51 spoke of the ambition of each branch of government to keep the others in check, most notably, regarding the legislature which was given the powers of impeachment and conviction.

Chad Pergram at Fox News writes, “Madison was clear that he believed the legislative branch should be the most-powerful area of government.”

Comey’s outrage, as with most of his colleagues on the left today, stems from President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he questioned intelligence reports on meddling in the 2016 elections.

Siding with a ‘murderous lying thug’ must have been perfectly acceptable pre-Trump, as there was little condemnation from Comey when Barack Obama sided with such individuals in say, Cuba or Iran.

Not to mention, ‘refusing to back his own country’ was essentially the Obama doctrine for eight years.

Do you think James Comey's comments will backfire and cause more people to vote Republican?

When Trump tries to smooth relations with another world power, however, the left lights their hair on fire.

The President has since backtracked on his controversial remarks saying, “I accept our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election took place,” but also noting that “It could be other people also.”

It’s good that Comey finally admitted that he’s a Democrat. He already outed his family as such when he said they participated in the pro-Hillary Clinton ‘women’s march.’

Now the former FBI director can throw on his little pink hat and march right alongside them. Comey’s latest comments should lay to rest any doubt over whether or not President Trump was right to fire him back in 2017.