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Ivanka Trump to Have Spot in White House Normally Reserved for First Lady

Ivanka Trump

Ever since Donald J. Trump soundly defeated Hillary Clinton to become America’s next president, one of the biggest topics of conversation has been what role his daughter Ivanka will play in the incoming administration.

Well, now that we know Trump’s wife Melania will remain in New York to allow their son Barron to finish up the school year, it appears that Ivanka will occupy space in the White House normally reserved for the First Lady. The exact role Ivanka will have or her job title has yet to be revealed:

From The Daily Caller:

Another report has claimed the next first daughter will work in the Trump administration. She was also seen taking meetings alongside her father when he met with former Vice President Al Gore to allegedly discuss climate change, last week.

In addition, CNN correspondent Cristina Alesci reported last week, “Ivanka may leave the Trump organization to take some kind of role in the administration. Unclear what that is right now.”

Before the election the president-elect’s daughter said that she will have no role in the administration except as his daughter.”

Earlier this month, Ivanka said she had no plans to join government, as she has a very prominent fashion business, and is a crucial player in her father’s company.

However, we at The Political Insider reported that Ivanka and her husband recently visited Washington, D.C., allegedly to look for houses, a move that would make sense if she is planning on working in her father’s administration.

What role do you think Ivanka should take in her father’s administration? Would she be a good fit in the White House? Share your thoughts below!