Warren makes these comments in the clip below:

“The Green Apollo Program would pump government money into research and development of alternative energy sources (even though that’s already going on in the private sector),” reports The Daily Wire. “The Green Industrial Mobilization pushes companies to produce only sustainable and environmentally friendly products. The Green Marshall Plan would limit imports and exports to those products that comply with similar sustainability standards.”

“The only similarities between the initial projects and Warren’s new ‘green’ projects is that they spend copious amounts of taxpayer cash,” notes Daily Wire. “Unlike the original Apollo program and Marshall plan, Warren’s ‘green’ version isn’t likely to demonstrate immediate, marked results.”

In other words, it’s a government boondoggle based on Democrats’ supposedly good intentions, and we all know how the path to hell was paved.

Obviously, Warren isn’t the first far-left Democrat to frame climate change concerns in the gravest terms possible.

Democratic congresswoman and self-described socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said the planet only has about 12 years left unless something is done now. When she tried to laugh off her ridiculous comments later, it was discovered that most Democrats actually agreed with that cataclysmic time frame.

No one should be surprised Elizabeth Warren made such an absurd comparison. This is today’s extreme Democratic Party. Perhaps she really is the best person to lead it.