Indiana Pizzeria Forced to Shut Down Receives Over $50,000 in Donations


Memories Pizza, the family owned business run by a devout Christian family, has been under intense scrutiny thanks to a wholly manufactured controversy created by the media. But the family might have the last laugh thanks to generous Americans who understand what the intolerant liberal community is doing to them.

Asked a hypothetical question regarding Indiana’s religious freedom law, the O’Connor family explained that they would never deny a gay person or couple service in their restaurant. If they were asked to cater a gay wedding however, they would decline to do so based on their religious beliefs.

The media ran with their soundbite as only they could, trying to deceive a public they’d just recently duped with a Virginia rape case and the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ phenomenon. They ignored the family’s comments that they would never deny service to gays or lesbians, and instead focused on the thoroughly fictitious scenario of a pizza joint catering a wedding.

The headline screamed Michiana business wouldn’t cater a gay wedding, while the screen chyron’s shouted “Restaurant denies some services to same-sex couples.”

The family’s business has now been shut down thanks to death threats from LGBT extremists.


The owners have seen their business destroyed, but good Americans are coming forward and rallying in support of the family. A GoFundMe page has been set up for the O’Connor’s, and within 12 hours the fundraising effort netted over $50,000.

Is this family one you would support for expressing their own religious beliefs in the face of a left-wing mob? If so, tell us about it or go visit the donation page.

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