Incredible Video: George W. Bush Accidentally Condemns ‘Unjustified and Brutal Invasion of Iraq’

Former President George W. Bush committed a Freudian slip so brutal they may have to rename it after him, condemning the "invasion" of Iraq while referencing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

George W. Bush committed a Freudian slip so brutal they may have to rename the phenomenon after him.

The former President made the shocking mistake at a forum sponsored by the George W. Bush Institute in New York.

In an attempt to condemn the war effort in Ukraine, Bush accidentally roped in his own controversial history.

Speaking on the topic of democracy, he condemned Russia where “elections are rigged” and “political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated from participating in the electoral process.”

“The result,” he said, “is an absence of checks and balances in Russia and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq.”

“I mean of Ukraine.”

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Whoops: George Bush Condemns ‘Iraq’ Invasion

George W. Bush quickly recognized his flub, and then inexplicably added, “Iraq too.”

Russia did not invade Iraq and reports indicate that during the Iraq War Saddam Hussein was given tips from the Kremlin about U.S. troop movements and battle plans.

Bush laughed off the Freudian slip saying, “Anyway, 75,” a reference to his age.

George Bush has long been the target of critics over the Iraq war and the preceding intelligence failure involving weapons of mass destruction, oftentimes referred to opponents of the effort as an invasion.

In reality, the war effort was authorized by a bipartisan vote in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in October 0f 2002.

The Iraq War resolution passed the House by a vote of 296-133, and the Senate 77-23.

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Gets Trashed For His Comments

Social media users on both sides of the political aisle took turns treating George Bush like a punching bag for his Iraq invasion slip.

If anything, Bush’s gaffe gives Joe Biden a few hours reprieve from the American public who will focus on that for a bit as opposed to just how much the current President is making Americans’ lives miserable by destroying them financially.

It is a minor and temporary distraction, sure to be remedied as people return to the gas pumps and grocery stores.

Biden, by the way, spent his campaign lying to the public by saying he, unlike Bush, opposed the war in Iraq from the start, something not supported by reality.

“The claim has been easily taken apart by fact-checkers,” wrote Ryan Grim at The Intercept. “Biden publicly supported the war before, during, and after the invasion.”

Former President Donald Trump frequently slammed George Bush for the Iraq War calling it the “worst single mistake” in the history of the United States.

“The worst single mistake ever made in the history of our country: going into the Middle East, by President Bush,” Trump said during an interview with Hill.TV in 2018.

“Obama may have gotten (U.S. soldiers) out wrong, but going in is, to me, the biggest single mistake made in the history of our country.”

Trump lamented the trillions of dollars spent in fighting the war and the “millions of lives” lost, noting he liked to “count both sides” in the conflict.

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