On Tuesday of last week, the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump began in the Senate. We have heard tearful harrowing tales of marauding bands of Trump supporters “hunting down” Congress members and Senators.

We have seen video footage of rioters scaling the walls of the Capitol building.

It is becoming clear that the Democrats, and some Republicans, many of whom, because of their impeachment-related voting records, already have primary challengers for 2022, not only want to blame Donald Trump for the Capitol Hill riot, but prevent him from ever running for office again.

But this time, something is different. It almost seems as if they want to blame anyone who might have an iota of support for Trump

That means you, America. 

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Language Meant To Inflame

As usual, the Constitution is getting in the way of the Democrat agenda. The process of impeachment was never meant to be used as a club to disable politicians we don’t like.

During the first full day of impeachment hearings, House Managers played video and audio recordings of the events of January 6.

But instead of putting context to audio and visual aids, they used phrases like this, from House Prosecutor Stacey Plaskett, Democrat Delegate representing the U. S. Virgin Islands: “They did it because Donald Trump sent them on a mission.” 

Another from Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX): “On Jan. 6, Donald Trump left everyone in this Capitol for dead.”   

And just in case inflammatory rhetoric wasn’t enough, Democrats are now being accused of selective editing of the video of Trump telling supporters to protest at the Capitol “peacefully and patriotically.”

Trump defense lawyers claim the video has been manipulated. 

Sources say that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has told fellow Senators that their vote on whether or not to convict Trump would be “a matter of conscience,” and that Senators who disputed the constitutionality of the trial could still vote to convict Trump. 

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How have We Gotten Here?

Anyone can go online and google, “Trump impeachment,” and find out what what the mainstream media is saying, what the talking heads, both liberal and conservative are saying, and you can even find a schedule of events, which must come in handy when planning a watch party.

You know when to break out the chips and beer!

What you cannot find is the answer to the most important question: what does this mean, and how dangerous is it for America?

Americans have always argued and debated. It is in our collective DNA.

But ask anyone from any walk of life in America, “when did we become so divided?”

No one seems to have a good answer. 

There have always been political parties with different ideas about how to do things, but only recently did a member of one party accuse another of attempted murder.

Political parties always been wary of each others’ candidates, but only recently did we accuse them of being evil, not just because we disagreed with them, but because they merely exist.

Even in our darkest times, Americans have come together. But will that even be possible?

Democrats insist that Trump supporters, and that encompasses at least 74 million people who at the very least, cast a vote for Donald Trump must somehow be erased from modern politics.

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How Are We Harming America?

In his inauguration speech, President Joe Biden spoke of unity, and even as recently as Friday, talked about treating people with respect. It remains to be seen if Americans will respect each other.

But is this impeachment of a president who left office three weeks ago, and is at least of dubious constitutional provenance, disrespecting America? Is it harming America?

The Constitution is a tough document. It has been tugged on in every way imaginable in the last 245 years. It will likely survive, but we have taken its instruction and twisted it into something it was never intended for. 

The way in which impeachment has been used may well be used as a weapon on existing parties or any future parties to come.

Granted, the Founding Fathers did not specify what “high crimes and misdemeanors” were. We were left to figure that out on our own. Maybe they were too optimistic about the intelligence of future Americans.

But if the impeachment process is misused, a precedent is set that is hard to come back from. They impeach ours, we impeach theirs, and America is caught in a dangerous game of tug-o-war.

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