Tragic images of elderly veterans at a VA hospital in Durham, North Carolina, are going viral for all the wrong reasons.

A retired Marine and his wife were waiting in the VA facility when they noticed two veterans in noticeable pain being denied treatment.

They were ignored for hours according to the couple, with one eventually lying down on the waiting room floor after being refused a place to rest.

The Marine’s wife decided to share the tragic images on social media to demonstrate how bad the conditions were in the Durham facility.

We warn you, they are extremely difficult to look at.

Via Fox News Insider:


They said both older men were ignored for hours despite complaining of severe pain. They said one practically fell out of his wheelchair, and the other finally lay down on the floor after being denied a place to rest.

McMenamin told WSB-TV that his wife found the scene “upsetting,” so she took pictures and posted them to Facebook.

DeAnne Seekins, medical center director at the VA facility, issued a statement which said she is “thankful someone cared enough to share the incident with us.”

However, they don’t seem too keen on the fact that the same ‘someone’ shared the incident with the rest of the world. In a follow-up post, Hannah seemed to imply that the VA facility was threatening them with legal action if they didn’t remove the image.

“The VA is NOT happy about the photos I have posted,” she wrote, “based on the phone call I just received and potential legal issues.”

One of the veterans in the image actually spoke up and supports the couple for getting the truth out there.

Hannah said veteran Jesse Lee, “has given us his blessing to keep pushing on with this and has offered to help us in any way he can.”

“Somebody in real bad pain should be seen,” Lee told WRAL. “It felt like a railroad spike was going through my foot. It’s like one of the worst pains you’ve ever felt in your life.”

The worst pain he’s ever felt and he was apparently ignored.

President Trump vowed to overhaul the toxic Department of Veterans Affairs, in part because of shocking stories like this emanating from their facilities.

Let’s hope he cleans it up in a hurry.

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